Automobile Engineering – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers

Automobile Engineering – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers

1-The compression ratio for practically diesel engine lies usually in the range of

(a) 3-5

(b) 6-8

(c) 10-15

(d) 16-22

(Ans: D)


2-A four stroke petrol engine theoretically operates on

(a) Otto cycle

(b) Brayton cycle

(c) Joule cycle

(d) Bell Coleman cycle

(Ans: A)


3-BHP of an engine is determined by a formula

(a) 2πNT / 4500

(b) 4πNT / 4500

(c) πNT / 4500

(d) 2πRNT / 4500

(Ans: A)


4-The radiator tubes are manufactured from

(a) Cast iron

(b) Aluminium

(c) Brass

(d) Steel

(Ans: C)


5-Which of the following is not the effect of detonation?

(a) High operating temperature

(b) Loss in efficiency and power output

(c) Loud and pulsating noise

(d) High local stresses


6-The brake shoes are curved to conform to the inner diameter of the

(a) Tyre

(b) Wheel

(c) Pedal

(d) Brake drum

(Ans: D)


7-The material used for the piston of the modern cars is

(a) Brass

(b) Cast Iron

(c) Aluminium alloy

(d) Steel

(Ans: C)


8-IHP minus FHP is equal to

(a) BHP

(b) SAF HP

(c) m.e.p

(d) None of the above

(Ans: A)


9-In a petrol engine the tendency for knocking decreases with

(a) increase in charge temperature

(b) increase in cylinder size

(c) increase in compression ratio

(d) increase in delay period

(Ans: D)


10-Morse test can be used on

(a) low horsepower engines only

(b) variable speed engines only

(c) Multi-cylinder engines only

(d) water cooled engines only

(Ans: C)


11-The piston road of a steam engine is usually connected to the cross head by means of

(a) bolted joint

(b) riveted joint

(c) universal joint

(d) cotter joint

(Ans: D)


12-The firing order in an internal combustion engine is the

(a) order in which cylinders are numbered

(b) order in which cylinders are placed

(c) direction of rotation of crank shaft

(d) sequence in which the cylinders deliver power stroke

(Ans: D)


13-The purpose of glow plug inside the combustion chamber is to

(a) control idle engine speed

(b) provide light inside the combustion chamber

(c) add heat to the pre-combustion chamber

(d) warm the fuel

(Ans: D)


15-A radiator like object is an example of

(a) heat exchanger

(b) defrosting device

(c) expansion valve

(d) heat pump

(Ans: A)


15-In petrol engines the sparking increases

(A) pressure

(B) volume

(C) temperature of the product of combustion

(D) both (A) and (B)

(Ans: B)


16-Air standard efficiency of an I.C. engine depends on

(A) speed

(B) compression ratio

(C) fuel

(D) all of the above

(Ans: B)


17-Aluminium alloys for engine/automobile parts are reinforced to increase their

(a) Strength

(b) Wear resistance

(c) Elastic modulus

(d) Density

(Ans: B)