Automobile Engineering – Questions and Answers

23-The specific fuel consumption is defined as:

(A) fuel consumption per brake power

(B) fuel consumption per hour

(C) fuel consumption per hour per brake power

(D) fuel consumption per indicated power


24-The brake power of an IC engine having speed 1200 rpm with torque 15 Nm is:

(A) 300π watts

(B) 450π watts

(C) 150π watts

(D) 600π watts


25-Length of crank shaft is maximum in

(A) V-type engine

(B) Inline engine

(C) Radial engine

(D) Opposite cylinder engine


26-Following is the lowest part of the piston?

(A) Ring

(B) Pin

(C) Skirt

(D) Head


27-A hole is drilled between crank shaft main journal and crank pin for:

(A) Balancing of crank shaft

(B) Reducing crank shaft weight

(C) Lubricating connecting rod bearings

(D) Reducing crank shaft vibration


28-Compression ratio =

(A) Swept volume / Clearance volume

(B) Total volume / Clearance volume

(C) Clearance volume / Total volume

(D) Total volume / Swept volume


29-The engine valves are closed by

(A) Cam shaft

(B) Fuel injector

(C) Valve spring

(D) Rocker arm


30-Material used for making Inlet valve is:

(A) High speed steel

(B) Cast iron

(C) Tungsten steel

(D) Nickel chromium alloy steel


31-Following material is used to make Piston rings:

(A) Stainless steel

(B) High speed steel

(C) High grade cast iron

(D) Brass


32-The function of Fuel Injection Pump is to:

(A) Atomize the fuel

(B) Filter the fuel

(C) Deliver right quality of fuel at right time

(D) Suck the fuel from the fuel tank


33-The purpose of heat dam in a piston is to

(A) Enable the piston run cooler

(B) Keep the water temperature constant

(C) Balance the piston

(D) Reduce the piston weight



23-(C), 24-(D), 25-(B), 26-(C), 27-(C), 28-(B), 29-(C), 30-(D), 31-(C), 32-(C), 33-(A)