Automobile Engineering – Questions and Answers

56-One ton air conditioner removes heat of

(A) 50 kcal/min

(B) 75 kcal/min

(C) 100 kcal/min

(D) 120 kcal/min


57-Two types of automotive fuses are

(A) printed and link

(B) blade and breaker

(C) blade and cartridge

(D) cartridge and breaker


58-When a vehicle is taking a turn, the inner wheels rotate

(A) faster than outer wheels

(B) slower than outer wheels

(C) at same speed of the outer wheels

(D) twice the speed of the outer wheels


59-The distance travelled by a vehicle can be measured with

(A) speedometer

(B) odometer

(C) tachometer

(D) ammeter


60-Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below

List I List II
a. tachometer 1. bimetal electric type
b. odometer 2. decibel
c. fuel gauge 3. 90 km/hr
d. pressure gauge 4. 600 rpm
5. 3750 km


(A) a-4, b-5, c-1, d-2

(B) a-5, b-4, c-2, d-1

(C) a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

(D) a-4, b-2, c-1, d-3


61-Following process is used to make a crankshaft

(A) forging

(B) casting

(C) pressing

(D) turning


62-To static balance a wheel assembly, the compensating weight is placed

(A) 90° from the heavy spot

(B) 180° from the heavy spot

(C) 45° from the heavy spot

(D) none of these


63-The tyre aspect ratio is given by

(A) height of tyre section / width of tyre section

(B) width of tyre section / height of tyre section

(C) (height of tyre section x width of tyre section)1/2

(D) width of tyre section x height of tyre section


64-The purpose of valve clearance is to

(A) allow the valve to expand

(B) allow the valve to slide in the guide

(C) ensure that the crankshaft is free to rotate

(D) ensure that the valve closes fully


65-In diesel engines, anti-dribble device is provided in

(A) fuel injection

(B) delivery valve

(C) fuel filters

(D) fuel feed pump


66-To which gearbox does the following statement apply?

Dog clutches are used to obtain the gears and double declutching is necessary.

(A) Crash type

(B) Sliding mesh

(C) Constant mesh

(D) Synchromesh



56-(A), 57-(C), 58-(B), 59-(B), 60-(A), 61-(A), 62-(B), 63-(B), 64-(A), 65-(A), 66-(D)