Automobile Engineering – Questions and Answers

67-If we increase the intake temperature of air of an internal combustion engine, its efficiency will

(A) increase

(B) decrease

(C) remain constant

(D) unpredictable


68-Viscosity of lubricating oil is measured by

(A) Pensky Martins apparatus

(B) Bomb calorimeter

(C) Saybolt viscometer

(D) None of these


69-What is the material of connecting rod for motor scooters?

(A) Mild steel

(B) Forged steel

(C) Tool steel

(D) Cast iron


70-The transfer box is placed before the ____ and after the _____ .

(A) clutch, engine flywheel

(B) propeller shaft, gearbox

(C) gearbox, engine

(D) differential, propeller shaft


71-In the diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by

(A) the ignition system

(B) the glow plugs

(C) heat of compression

(D) spark plugs


72-In petrol engine exhaust valve of an engine in comparison to inlet valve is ____ .

(A) same

(B) smaller

(C) bigger

(D) varies from design to design


73-Offsetting the piston pin helps prevent

(A) excessive oil

(B) combustion knock

(C) excessive ring wear

(D) piston slap


74-The instrument used to measure CO and CO2 emission in the exhaust gases of an engine is

(A) FID analyser

(B) NDIR analyser

(C) Chemiluminescent analyser

(D) lemda sensor


75-The advantages of using helical gears rather than spur gear in a transmission are

(A) strength and cost

(B) strength and efficiency

(C) silent operation and more strength

(D) silent operation and low cost


76-The specific gravity of diesel is

(A) 0.50

(B) 0.75

(C) 0.80

(D) 0.90


77-Fins are provided over engine cylinder for

(A) higher strength for cylinder

(B) higher efficiency

(C) better cooling

(D) easier handling and ease in manufacturing



67-(B), 68-(C), 69-(D), 70-(B), 71-(C), 72-(B), 73-(D), 74-(B), 75-(C), 76-(D), 77-(C)