Automobile Engineering – Questions and Answers

78-In four cylinder, the dwell angle of the cam in the ignition circuit generally ranges between

(A) 10° – 15°

(B) 20° – 25°

(C) 25° – 40°

(D) 45° – 60°


79-The spray cone angle in pintle nozzle is generally.

(A) 15°

(B) 30°

(C) 45°

(D) 60°


80-Which one of the following is NOT an electric ignition system?

(A) Magnetic pulse ignition

(B) Hybrid ignition

(C) Coil ignition

(D) Transistorized ignition


81-Ballast resistor is placed in which of the following systems of an ignition system?

(A) Distributor assembly

(B) Primary circuit

(C) Secondary circuit

(D) Contact breaker assembly


82-The function of the distributor in an ignition system is

(A) to time the spark

(B) to step up the voltage

(C) to induce the spark

(D) to advance the spark



78-(D), 79-(D), 80-(C), 81-(B), 82-(A)