General ability – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers

General ability – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers


1-There are two circles of radii r1 and r2 (r1 <  r2). The area of the bigger circle is 693/2 cm2. The difference of their circumferences is 22 cm. What is the sum of the diameters of the two circles?

(A) 17.5 cm

(B) 22 cm

(C) 28.5 cm

(D) 35 cm

(Ans: D)


2-Walking at 3/4th of his usual speed, a man reaches his office 20 minutes late. What is the time taken by him to reach the office at his usual speed?

(A) 80 minutes

(B) 70 minutes

(C) 60 minutes

(D) 50 minutes

(Ans: A)


3-A and B run a 1 km race. A gives B a start of 50 m and still beats him by 15 seconds. If A runs at 8 km/h, what is the speed of B?

(A) 4.4 km/h

(B) 5.4 km/h

(C) 6.4 km/h

(D) 7.4 km/h

(Ans: D)


4-In an office, 40% of the employees are men and the rest women. Half of the employees are tall and half short. If 10% of the employees are men and short, and 40 employees are women and tall, the number of tall men employees is

(A) 60

(B) 50

(C) 40

(D) 30

(Ans: D)


5-Which of the following is not an absolute measure of dispersion?

(A) Range

(B) Mean deviation

(C) Quartile Deviation

(D) Coefficient of Variation

(Ans: D)


6-A provisions shop-owner is found to mix 25 kg of rice worth Rs. 32/kg and 20 kg of rice worth Rs. 35/kg and the mixed rice is sold at 15% profit. What is the selling price of the mixed rice?

(A) Rs. 35.40/kg

(B) Rs. 38.33/kg

(C) Rs. 36.50/kg

(D) Rs. 37.42/kg

(Ans: B)


7-The original lay of a rectangular plot ABCD on open ground is 80 m long along AB, and 60 m wide along BC. Concreted pathways are intended to be laid on the inside of the plot all around the sides. The pathways along BC and DA are each 4 m wide. The pathways along AB and DC will mutually be of equal widths such that the un-concreted internal plot will measure three-fourth of the original area of the plot ABCD. What will be the width of each of these pathways along AB and DC?

(A) 3 m

(B) 4 m

(C) 5 m

(D) 6 m

(Ans: C)


8-At a dinner party, every two guests used a bowl of rice between them, every three guests used a bowl of dal among them and every four guests used a bowl of curd among them. There are altogether 65 bowls. What is the number of guests present at the party?

(A) 90

(B) 80

(C) 70

(D) 60

(Ans: D)


9-If 5 men and 9 women can finish a piece of work in 19 days, 3 men and 6 women will do the same work in

(A) 12 days

(B) 13 days

(C) 14 days

(D) 15 days

(Ans: D)


10-If the radius of a circle is reduced by 50%, its area will be reduced by

(A) 30%

(B) 50%

(C) 60%

(D) 75%

(Ans: D)


11-In an examination paper where maximum marks are 500, A got 10% marks less than B, B got 25% marks more than C, and C got 20% marks less than D. If A got 360 marks, what marks did D get?

(A) 65%

(B) 70%

(C) 75%

(D) 80%

(Ans: D)


12-The term ‘Dear Money’ refers to

(A) Low rate of interest on housing loans

(B) Value of money at the recession stage

(C) High rate of interest

(D) Savings gained due to decrease in rate of interest on housing loan

(Ans: C)


13-In the study of pollution, SPM refers to

(A) Sulphur Phosphorous Matter

(B) Sulphur Particulate Matter

(C) Solid Particulate Matter

(D) Suspended Particulate

(Ans: D)


14-Plagiarism means

(A) There was an epidemic of plague in the area

(B) It is a sort of political philosophy

(C) It indicates a happy community spirit like in Playing Holi

(D) It is presenting the work of someone else as one’s own

(Ans: D)


15-What is a Ballad?

(A) A novel

(B) A historical narration

(C) A popular story or folktale in verse

(D) Musical comedy

(Ans: D)


16-What is the meaning of the expression: ‘Blue blood’?

(A) Polluted industrial waste water

(B) Sap of teak wood

(C) An aristocrat

(D) A costly object