General Aptitude – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers

26-A person’s net income after paying income tax at the rate of 5 paise in a rupee is Rs. 38,00. Then his gross income is

(A) 1,000

(B) 3,900

(C) 3,950

(D) 4000


27-A washing machine is sold in four instalments. Each successive instalment is 2.5 times the preceding instalment. If the first instalment is Rs. 400/- then the cost of the washing machine is

(A) Rs. 9,500/-

(B) Rs. 10,000/-

(C) Rs. 10,150/-

(D) Rs. 10,350/-


28-A man running at a speed of 8.5 km/hour, crosses a bridge in 11.8 minutes. The length of the bridge is

(A) 2.5 km

(B) 1.15 km

(C) 1.67 km

(D) 1.85 km


29-A merchant bought 1,000 mangoes for Rs. 2,400/- and spent Rs. 100/- for transportation. 50 of them were unfit for sale. He sold the remaining at Rs. 3/- each. The gain or loss percent is

(A) 14% profit

(B) 14% loss

(C) 7% loss

(D) 7% profit


30-A car travelling at a constant speed covers a distance of 160 km in 3 hours 20 minutes. The distance covered by the car in 2.5 hours is

(A) 80 km

(B) 100 km

(C) 120 km

(D) 140 km


31-15 men earn Rs. 3,000 as wages working for 8 hours a day. The earnings of 20 men working for 10 hours a day, if they are all paid at the same hourly rate, is

(A) Rs. 3,800/-

(B) Rs. 4,000/-

(C) Rs. 4,500/-

(D) Rs. 5,000/-


32-A finance company pays Rs. 630 on a recurring deposit of Rs. 50 per month for a period of 12 months. If a person deposits Rs. 1,500/- per month for the same period, the interest he obtained is

(A) Rs. 1,500

(B) Rs. 1,200

(C) Rs. 1,000

(D) Rs. 900


33-The compound interest on a sum of Rs. 6,000 for 2 years at the rate of 10% per annum is

(A) Rs. 1,000

(B) Rs, 1,050

(C) Rs. 1,150

(D) Rs. 1,260


34-If 9 is subtracted from 12 times a number is equal to 4 times the square of the number, the number is

(A) 3/2

(B) 9/2

(C) 2/3

(D) 2/9


35-If five times the sum of a number and its reciprocal is 25/2, then the number is

(A) 2

(B) 5/2

(C) 2/3

(D) 5


36-A rectangle with sides 44/7 cm and 32 cm is converted into a circle. If π=22/7 then radius of the circle is

(A) 64 cm

(B) 64/7 cm

(C) 8 cm

(D) 16 cm


37-The age of a father is twice the age of his son. Twenty years ago his age was 6 times his son’s age. The age of the father is

(A) 42

(B) 44

(C) 50

(D) 25


38-A wheel is turning at the rate of 64 revolutions per minute. Then the angle through which the wheel turns in 15 secs. is

(A) 16π

(B) 32π

(C) 64π

(D) 128π



26-(D), 27-(C), 28-(C), 29-(A), 30-(C), 31-(D), 32-(D), 33-(D), 34-(A), 35-(A), 36-(C), 37-(C), 38-(B)