General Knowledge – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers

General Knowledge – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers


1-Which of the following does the ‘West Wind Drift’ belong to?

(A) Tidal occurrence

(B) Wind system

(C) Wave phenomenon

(D) Ocean current

(Ans: D)


2-Which one of the following layers of the atmosphere contains water vapours and dust particles?

(A) Ionosphere

(B) Mesosphere

(C) Stratosphere

(D) Troposphere

(Ans: D)


3-Which of the following is a land locked country?

(A) Cambodia

(B) Laos

(C) Thailand

(D) Vietnam

(Ans: B)


4-Which of the following organisms has a role in converting nitrates to free nitrogen?

(A) Pseudomonas

(B) Nitrosomonas

(C) Nitrobacter

(D) Rhizobium

(Ans: A)


5-For which of these are green leafy vegetables rich sources?

I- Vitamin E               II-Vitamin B2                        III-Vitamin E

(A) I & II

(B) II only

(C) I & III

(D) I, II & III

(Ans: D)


6-In human body Cowper’s gland is associated with

(A) Circulatory system

(B) Digestive system

(C) Nervous system

(D) Urino-genital system

(Ans: D)


7-Which type of light is effective for photosynthesis to occur?

(A) Ultraviolet and Blue

(B) Blue and Red

(C) Green and Yellow

(D) Blue and Green

(Ans: B)


8-Which one of the following terms for natural vegetation is associated with Siberia?

(A) Selva

(B) Taiga

(C) Pampas

(D) Savanna

(Ans: B)


9-Which one of the following enzymes can hydrolyse proteins in the stomach?

(A) Trypsin

(B) Pepsin

(C) Lipase

(D) Amylase

(Ans: B)


10-The following city is associated with the river Mekong?

(A) Hong Kong

(B) Phnom-Penh

(C) Shanghai

(D) Yangon

(Ans: B)