Lathe and Lathe work – Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers

Lathe and Lathe work – Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers


1-In lathe work, when the tool is fed parallel to the rotation of job work, it will produce

(A) Cylindrical surface

(B) Spherical surface

(C) Tapered surface

(D) All of the above

(Ans: A)


2-The following type of Lathe is operated through Cams and Cam plate.

(A) Precision Lathe

(B) Crankshaft Lathe

(C) Screw cutting Lathe (Automatic)

(D) Duplicating Lathe

(Ans: C)


3-The following part of Lathe serves as housing for the driving pulleys and back gears

(A) Head stock

(B) Tail stock

(C) Bed

(D) Carriage

(Ans: A)


4-In Lathe, the back gears are used for affecting _______ in spindle speeds, thereby facilitating wider range of speeds

(A) Increase

(B) Reduction

(C) Increase or reduction

(D) None of the above

(Ans: B)


5-The following acts as driving shaft in Lathe.

(A) Countershaft

(B) Spindle shaft

(C) Lead screw

(D) None of the above

(Ans: A)


6-A desired speed of _____ can be obtained by selecting the suitable change gears having proper number of teeth.

(A) Lead screw

(B) Countershaft

(C) Spindle

(D) Feed gear box

(Ans: A)


7-The Lathe carriage serves the following purpose of the tool

(A) Guiding

(B) Feeding

(C) Supporting

(D) All of the above

(Ans: D)


8-The following is also known as Tool rest

(A) Saddle

(B) Cross slide

(C) Compound rest

(D) Tool post

(Ans: C)


9-The following is used in Magnetic chucks

(A) Electromagnet

(B) Permanent magnet

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) None of the above

(Ans: C)


10-The following is used for holding bored parts for machining their outside surfaces on Lathe.

(A) Mandrel

(B) Dogs

(C) Driving plate

(D) Angle plate

(Ans: A)