Mechanical Engineering Questions

34-A continuous beam is one which is

(A) fixed at both ends

(B) fixed at one end and free at the other end

(C) supported on more than two supports

(D) extending beyond the supports


35-Two parallel and coplanar shafts are connected by

(A) Spur gears

(B) Bevel gears

(C) Spiral gears

(D) Double helical gears


36-A closed cycle gas turbine works on

(A) Carnot cycle

(B) Rankine cycle

(C) Ericsson cycle

(D) Joule cycle


37-Which of the following is Trapezoidal thread?


(B) Square

(C) Buttress

(D) Metric


38-The velocity ratio of lifting machine is ‘8’, which lifts a load 900 N by an effort of 150 N.

(A) 75%

(B) 70%

(C) 65%

(D) 60%


39-The degrees of freedom of a simple pendulum is given by

(A) 2

(B) 6

(C) 0

(D) 1


40-De-Laval turbine is a

(A) Simple impulse turbine

(B) Simple reaction turbine

(C) Impulse reaction turbine

(D) Both (B) and (C)


41-Annealing heat treatment process

(A) refines grain structure

(B) improve the hardness

(C) improves ductility

(D) increases surface hardness


42-Minimum number of teeth of standard proportion with involute profile and 20° pressure angle spur gear is

(A) 12

(B) 18

(C) 32

(D) 20


43-A device is used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls to an unsafe limit

(A) Blow off cock

(B) Stop valve

(C) Pressure gauge

(D) Fusible plug


44-Muntz metal contains

(A) 70% Copper, 30% Zinc

(B) 60% Copper, 40% Zinc

(C) 59% Copper, 40% Zinc, 1% Tin

(D) 60% Copper, 35% Zinc, 5% Nickel



34-(C), 35-(A), 36-(A), 37-(A), 38-(A), 39-(D), 40-(A), 41-(C), 42-(B), 43-(D), 44-(B)