Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Ecosystems

41-Of the solar radiation that does reach the earth’s surface (incident energy), about ____ % is ultraviolet.

(A) 10

(B) 20

(C) 30

(D) 40


42-The following is the correct grazing food chain

(A) Grass – Grasshopper – Frog – Snake – Hawk

(B) Grass – Frog – Grasshopper– Snake – Hawk

(C) Grass – Grasshopper – Frog – Hawk – Snake

(D) Grass – Grasshopper – Snake – Frog – Hawk


43-Carnvores are at

(A) First trophic level

(B) Second trophic level

(C) Third trophic level

(D) Fourth trophic level


44-Which of the following is not a type of Ecological pyramid?

(A) The Pyramid of Numbers

(B) The Pyramid of Biomass

(C) The Pyramid of Energy

(D) The Pyramid of Food


45-The Pyramid of Biomass is based on

(A) The total dry weight

(B) Calorific value

(C) Total amount of living material

(D) All of the above


46-The following is (are) the cause(s) for Ecological succession.

(A) Biotic causes

(B) Climatic causes

(C) Continuing causes

(D) All of the above


47-The following succession are visible on sea-coasts

(A) Sand dune succession

(B) Bog succession

(C) Succession in Oceans

(D) All of the above


48-In Desert Ecosystem, Shrubs or Bushes are

(A) Producer organisms

(B) Consumers

(C) Decomposers

(D) None of the above


49-An estuary

(A) is rich in nutrients

(B) usually support an abundance of fish

(C) is area where river join the sea/ocean

(D) all of the above


50-The following is not a type of Ecosystem.

(A) Grassland Ecosystem

(B) Aquatic Ecosystem

(C) Desert Ecosystem

(D) Mountain Ecosystem



41-(A), 42-(A), 43-(C), 44-(D), 45-(D), 46-(D), 47-(A), 48-(A), 49-(D), 50-(D)