Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Management studies

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Management studies

1-Charging low price in the international market and high price in the home is called

(A) Discriminating

(B) Dumping

(C) Rigging

(D) Penetrating


2-The assets bought for long term use are termed as _____ assets.

(A) Floating

(B) Current

(C) Tangible

(D) Fixed


3-Subscription received in advance during the year is:

(A) Asset

(B) Surplus

(C) Liability

(D) Income


4-Selling price per unit is Rs. 12. Variable cost per unit is Rs. 5. Fixed expenses Rs. 1,40,000. What will be the BEP?

(A) 20000 units

(B) 25000 units

(C) 28000 units

(D) 24000 units


5-Writing off intangible Asset is called:

(A) Amortization

(B) Depreciation

(C) Revaluation

(D) Elimination


6-Maslow’s Need Theory is based on

(A) Organizational needs

(B) Market needs

(C) Human needs

(D) Government needs


7-In case of New Products _____ method of pricing is most suitable.

(A) Cost plus

(B) Monopoly

(C) Mark up

(D) Penetration


8-Which of the following is a direct expense?

(A) Rent

(B) Salaries

(C) Interest

(D) Wages


9-The process of converting physical form of shares in to electronic form is called:

(A) Rematerialization

(B) Dematerialization

(C) Coding

(D) Decoding


10-Process costing method is used for:

(A) Transport services

(B) Printing press

(C) Textile units

(D) Soap making



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(B), 10-(C)