Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Organisational Behaviour

21-Advise the management of ABC Ltd. about the various groups that can be created in an organisation.

(A) Effective group, Formal group,  group

(B) Reactive group, Formal group, Informal group

(C) Effective group, Formal group, Informal group

(D) Creative group, Formal group, Informal group


22-What is the other name for vertical job loading?

(A) Job analysis

(B) Job enrichment

(C) Job evaluation

(D) Job enlargement


23-Organizational culture includes:

(A) Organizational rituals and ceremonies

(B) Norms shared by the teams

(C) Commonly used language

(D) All of the above


24-An aroused attitude consist of

(A) Affective reaction

(B) Cognition

(C) Action tendency

(D) All of the above


25-Handling of crises by managers and employees reveals an organizational …………. .

(A) Culture

(B) Society

(C) Environment

(D) Structure


26-To be efficient every manager must try to

(A) Understand human behaviour

(B) Predict human behaviour

(C) Control human behaviour

(D) All of the above


27-The ________ teams are concerned with rotating tasks and assignments amongst its members.

(A) Self-managed

(B) Self styled

(C) Self motivated

(D) Self concerned


28-To change organizational culture successfully we need to:

(A) Find the most effective sub-culture and use it as an example

(B) Practice what we preach

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) None of the above


29-Mismatch between personality and organization may lead to

(A) Confusion and chaos

(B) Loss of interest by members in organization

(C) Low morale and job satisfaction

(D) All of the above


30-Cultural________are words, gestures and pictures or other physical objects that carry a particular meaning with the culture.

(A) Symbols

(B) Logos

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) None of the above



21-(C). 22-(B), 23-(D), 24-(D), 25-(A), 26-(D), 27-(A), 28-(C), 29-(D), 30-(A)