Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers on Refrigeration and Air conditioning

11-Latent heat of fusion of ice is:

(A) 335 kJ/kg

(B) 144 BTU/lb

(C) 80 kilo-calorie/kg

(D) all of the above


12-Select the wrong characteristics of refrigerant:

(A) low latent heat

(B) low boiling point

(C) high thermal conductivity

(D) none of the above


13-Sensible heat factor is:

(A) Sensible heat/Latent heat

(B) Total heat/Sensible heat

(C) Latent heat/Sensible heat

(D) Sensible heat/Total heat


14-The function of duct in air conditioning unit is:

(A) air cooling

(B) air cleaning

(C) air drying

(D) air distribution


15-Process of changing solid into vapour state without passing through liquid state is:

(A) super heating

(B) sublimation

(C) subcooling

(D) triple point


16-Amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one unit of substance through 1 degree is called:

(A) C.H.U.

(B) B.T.U.

(C) Calorie

(D) Specific heat


17-The COP of a domestic air conditioning in comparison to domestic refrigerator will be:

(A) same

(B) less

(C) more

(D) depends upon weather conditions


18-Solenoid valve is operated:

(A) electrically

(B) by hand

(C) by gas pressure

(D) by oil pressure


19-Subcooling is a process of cooling the refrigerant in vapour compression refrigeration system before:

(A) evaporation

(B) throttling

(C) condensation

(D) compression


20-Pump down the system for:

(A) more cooling effect

(B) to check compressor efficiency

(C) gas charging

(D) to attend maintenance in low side



11-(A), 12-(A), 13-(D), 14-(D), 15-(B), 16-(D), 17-(C), 18-(A), 19-(B), 20-(D)