Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers on Theory of Machines

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with answers on Theory of Machines

1-Which one of the following is a lower pair?

(A) Cam and follower

(B) Toothed gearing

(C) Shaft rotating in bush

(D) None


2-The average tensions on the tight and slack side of a flat belt drive system are 700N and 400N respectively. If the linear velocity of the belt is 5m/s, the power transmitted by the system would be about:

(A) 1.5 kW

(B) 3 kW

(C) 5 kW

(D) 10 kW


3-In a 6×20 wire rope, number 6 indicates:

(A) Diameter of the wire rope in mm

(B) Number of strands in the wire rope

(C) Number of wires

(D) None


4-The motion transmitted between the teeth of two spur gears is generally:

(A) Sliding

(B) Rolling

(C) Rotary

(D) Partly sliding and partly rolling


5-The product of circular pitch and diametral pitch equals:

(A) π

(B) 1

(C) Infinity

(D) None


6-In a flat belt drive, the belt is subjected to maximum tension ‘T’ and a centrifugal tension ‘Tc’. For maximum power transmission:

(A) T=Tc

(B) T=2Tc

(C) T=3Tc

(D) T=4Tc


7-Which of the following is not a common section of V-belts?

(A) F

(B) C

(C) E

(D) A


8-A rack is a gear of infinite

(A) Pitch

(B) Module

(C) Diameter

(D) Number of teeth


9-The circular pitch of a toothed wheel with 24 teeth and a module of 4.25 mm is:

(A) 1.35 mm

(B) 4.25 mm

(C) 6.67 mm

(D) 13.35 mm


10-The maximum efficiency of a worm and worm wheel system in terms of friction angle (Φ) is:

(A) (1-cos Φ)/ (1+cos Φ)

(B) (1-sinΦ)/ (1+cos Φ)

(C) (1-sinΦ)/ (1+sin Φ)

(D) (1-tanΦ)/ (1+tan Φ)


11-In a multiple disc clutch, n1 and n2 are the number of discs on the driving and driven shafts respectively. Then the number of pairs of contact surface is:

(A) n1 + n2

(B) n1 + n2 – 1

(C) n1 – n2

(D) None



1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(B), 4-(B), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(A), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(C), 11-(B)