Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Electronics and Communication Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Electronics and Communication Engineering

1-The ripple frequency of the output wave form of bridge rectifier with a 60 Hz sine wave is

(A) 100 Hz

(B) 120 Hz

(C) 30 Hz

(D) 60 Hz


2-One kwh is equal to

(A) 860 kcal

(B) 800 kcal

(C) 746 kcal

(D) 736 kcal


3-A 100W bulb, a 40W fluorescent lamp and a 60W fan in a room operates for an average duration of 5 hours in a day. What will be the total energy consumed during the month of June 2017?

(A) 3 kwh

(B) 30 kwh

(C) 300 kwh

(D) 3000 kwh


4-An alternating current is represented by I=141sin314t. What is the rms value of this current?

(A) 314 A

(B) 141 A

(C) 100 A

(D) 70.5 A


5-Which of the following is not a possible cause for optical fiber lose?

(A) Impurities

(B) Attenuation in glass

(C) Stepped index operation

(D) Micro-bending


6-Thermocouple works on the principle of

(A) Seebeck effect

(B) Piezoelectric effect

(C) Photo voltaic effect

(D) Faraday effect


7-Change in the resistance caused by strain is ΔR, the resistance of the undeformed gauge is R and ϵ is the strain. The gauge factor is

(A) (ΔR/R)/ϵ

(B) ϵ ΔR/R

(C) ϵ/ΔRR

(D) ΔRR/ϵ


8-LEDs are made out of

(A) Silicon

(B) Germanium

(C) Gallium Arsenide

(D) Silicon and Germanium


9-What are the health hazards which can be caused by E-waste, if it is not properly treated or disposed off?

(A) Brain damage

(B) Lung cancer

(C) DNA damage

(D) All of the above


10-Which of the following is not a mode of operation of piezoelectric transducer?

(A) Transverse

(B) Longitudinal

(C) Shear

(D) Elastic


11-Light travelling in an optical fiber follows which of the following principle?

(A) Huygens principle

(B) Light theory

(C) Snell’s law

(D) Fermat’s principle


12-Which of the following is an inductance variable type transformer?


(B) Load cell

(C) Thermistor

(D) Carbon microphone



1-(B), 2-(A), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(C), 6-(A), 7-(A), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(A), 11-(C), 12-(A)