Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Job Evaluation

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Job Evaluation

1-The purpose of Job Evaluation is to determine

(A) Worth of a job in relation to other jobs

(B) Time duration of a job

(C) Expenses incurred to make a job

(D) None of the above


2-Job Evaluation tries to make a systematic comparison between

(A) Workers

(B) Jobs

(C) Machines

(D) Departments


3-Basis of Job Evaluation is

(A) Job design

(B) Job ranking

(C) Job analysis

(D) Any of the above


4-The _________ provides the essential information on which each job is evaluated.

(A) Job ranking

(B) Job enrichment

(C) Job description

(D) Job enlargement


5-A ______ is a written record of the duties, responsibilities and conditions of the job.

(A) Job ranking

(B) Job enrichment

(C) Job description

(D) Job enlargement


6-The important objectives of a job evaluation programme

(A) Establishment of sound wage differentials between jobs.

(B) Maintenance of a consistent wage policy.

(C) Installation of an effective means of wage control.

(D) All of the above


7-The following is not a job evaluation method.

(A) Factor comparison method

(B) Point Method

(C) Ranking method

(D) Assessment method


8-In which of the following methods Jobs can be arranged according to the relative difficulty in performing them.

(A) Ranking method

(B) Point method

(C) Factor comparison method

(D) Classification method


9-Job Evaluation is carried on by

(A) Groups

(B) Individuals

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


10-The Ranking method is best suited for

(A) Complex organizations

(B) Large organizations

(C) Small organizations

(D) Any of the above


11-Point method is suitable for

(A) Small size organization

(B) Mid size organization

(C) Large organization

(D) Both (B) and (C)


12-In Factor-Comparison method, each factor is ascribed a

(A) Money value

(B) Ranking

(C) Scale

(D) None of the above



1-(A), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(C), 5-(C), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(C), 11-(D), 12-(A)