Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Mechanical Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Mechanical Engineering

1-In mercury vapour cycle

(A) Mercury is used in the bottoming cycle

(B) Steam is used in topping cycle

(C) Mercury is used in topping cycle

(D) Either mercury or steam is used in topping cycle


2-Deaeration of feed water in a Rankine vapour cycle is carried out because it reduces

(A) Cavitation of boiler feed pumps

(B) Corrosion caused by oxygen

(C) Heat transfer coefficient

(D) pH value of water


3-Morse test is used to determine

(A) Indicated power for multi cylinder engine

(B) Shaft power

(C) Mean effective pressure

(D) Temperature of the exhaust gases


4-Lean mixture in an automobile is required during

(A) Idling

(B) Starting

(C) Accelerating

(D) Cruising


5-Precise petrol injection system is

(A) Direct injection

(B) Sequential injection

(C) Throttle body injection

(D) Port injection


6-Mist lubrication is mainly used in

(A) Four stroke petrol engine

(B) Four stroke diesel engine

(C) Two stroke petrol engine

(D) Wankel engine


7-In SI engines fuel, Iso-octane content

(A) Does not affect auto-ignition

(B) Accelerates auto ignition

(C) Retards auto ignition

(D) None of the above


8-The process of removing moisture from air at constant dry bulb temperature is known as

(A) Sensible heating

(B) Sensible cooling

(C) Humidification

(D) De-humidification


9-The process of maintaining the speed of a turbine constant for various load conditions is known as

(A) Reheating

(B) Bleeding

(C) Governing

(D) Cooling


10-The ratio of modulus of rigidity to bulk modulus for a Poisson’s ratio of 0.25 would be

(A) 2/3

(B) 2/5

(C) 3/5

(D) 1.0


11-A simply supported beam of span (l) carries a point load (W) at the centre of the beam. The shear force diagram will be

(A) A rectangle

(B) A triangle

(C) Two equal and opposite rectangles

(D) Two equal and opposite triangles



1-(C), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(A), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(C), 11-(C)