Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

1-Would you mind ____ this letter?

(A) post

(B) posts

(C) posted

(D) posting


2-He did not eat the cake; she did not eat it ____ .

(A) neither

(B) either

(C) or

(D) nor


3-The market is at the ___ end of the city.

(A) farther

(B) further

(C) farthest

(D) feather


4-The boy has finished his homework when ____ .

(A) I called him

(B) I had called him

(C) I have called him

(D) I call him


5-She lives in London, ____

(A) isn’t she?

(B) doesn’t she?

(C) don’t she?

(D) is she?


6-You can telephone me ______ you like.

(A) however

(B) whatever

(C) whenever

(D) whichever


7-If my father were there ____

(A) he has helped you

(B) he will help you

(C) he would help you

(D) he would have helped you


8-It is impossible to separate belief ___ emotion.

(A) with

(B) to

(C) for

(D) from


9-I appreciate her ___ in her studies.

(A) regular

(B) regularly

(C) regularity

(D) regularize


10-“All that ___ is not gold”.

(A) shines

(B) glitters

(C) sparkles

(D) clatters



1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(A), 5-(B), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(B)