Multiple choice questions (MCQ) on Percentage

1. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price, but uses a false weight and thus gains 20%. For a kilogram he uses a weight of

a. 700 g            b. 750 g            c. 800 g                        d. 850 g


2. There are some coins and rings of either gold or silver in a box. 60% of the objects are coins, 40% of the rings are of gold and 30% of the coins are of silver. What is the percentage of gold articles?

a. 16                 b. 27                 c. 58                 d. 70


3. In a test, a candidate attempted 10 questions and obtained full marks in all of them. If he obtained 50% in the test and all questions in the test carried equal marks, how many questions were there in the test?

a. 15                 b. 18                 c. 20                 d. 25


4. A candidate attempted 12 questions and secured full marks in all of them. If he obtained 60% in the test and all questions carried equal marks, then what is the number of questions in the test?

a. 36                 b. 30                 c. 25                 d. 20


5. W can do 25% of a work in 30 days, X can do ¼ of the work in 10 days. Y can do 40% of the work in 40 days and Z can do 1/3 of the work in 13 days. Who will complete the work fast?

a. X                  b. Y                  c. Z                  d. W


6. What is 4% of 40% of 400?

a. 160               b. 64                 c. 16                 d. 6.4


7. x% of y is y% of:

a. x/100                        b. y/100                        c. x                   d. 100x


8. In a test, a student attempted only six questions and having got full marks for each of the questions, secured 40% marks in the test. How many questions did he not attempt?

a. 3                   b. 6                  c. 9                   d. 12


9. A person’s salary was reduced by 20%. By what per cent should the salary be increased in order to obtain his original salary?

a. 15%              b. 20%              c. 25%              d. 30%


10. For the past two years, it is observed that the population of a place is increasing by 10% per year. If the present population is 6171 then the population two years ago was:

a. 4937             b. 5000             c. 5554             d. 5100


11. In an examination, there are three subjects A, B and C. A student has to pass in each subject. 20% students failed in A, 22% students failed in B and 16% failed in C. the total number of students passing the whole examination lies between

a. 42% and 84%            b. 42% and 78%            c. 58% and 78%            d. 58% and 84%


12. In a test attempted only 15 questions and secured full marks in all of them. If he obtained 60% marks in the test and all the questions in the test carried equal marks, the number of questions in the test is:

a. 20                 b. 25                 c. 27                 d. 30