Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Performance and Potential Management

21- To have competent managers, we need ________.

(A) Good training methods

(B) Competition

(C) Effective appraisals

(D) All of the above


22- Tranquility is the desire for ________

(A) Promotion

(B) Self improvement

(C) Self control

(D) Emotional calm


23- KRA stands for:-

(A) Key Result Areas

(B) Key Response Areas

(C) Key Rest Areas

(D) None of the above


24- Trade cycle has:-

(A) Prosperity

(B) Depression

(C) Boom

(D) All of the above


25- The assessment factor ________ indicates the person’s problem solving ability, instructions following reliability etc.

(A) Dependability

(B) Performance

(C) Work practices

(D) Determination


26- Whenever excellence appears it must be:-

(A) Recognized

(B) Encouraged

(C) Rewarded

(D) All of the above


27-Waste means

(A) Not value adding activity

(B) Adding cost but not adding value

(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(D) None of the above


28- Performance management is a:-

(A) Appraisal technique

(B) TQM technique

(C) HRD technique

(D) Training and Development technique


29- Independence is the desire for ________

(A) Self reliance

(B) Self determination

(C) Self control

(D) All of the above


30- In the appraisal writing, there should be________.

(A) Firmness and punch

(B) Motivation

(C) Good communication

(D) All of the above



21-(C), 22-(D), 23-(A), 24-(D), 25-(C), 26-(D), 27-(B), 28-(C), 29-(A), 30-(A)