Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Principles and Practices of Management (PPM)

21- Fedrick Winslow Taylor’s Mechanism of Scientific Management includes

(A) Scientific task setting

(B) Planning the task

(C) Standardization of tools and equipments

(D) All of the above


22- Under the principles of effective ______, it is said that never delegate and disappear.

(A) Delegation

(B) Management

(C) Organisation

(D) Centralisation


23- The higher the ________ level of the employee, the lower the job satisfaction.

(A) Managerial

(B) Educational

(C) Satisfaction

(D) None of the above


24-________ is the result of human limitation to the span of management.

(A) Delegation

(B) Satisfaction

(C) Motivation

(D) Development


25- The different A’s of the service sector are

(A) Acceptability, Awareness, Answerability

(B) Acceptability, Awareness, Availability

(C) Administration, Awareness, Availability

(D) Acceptability, Acknowledgement, Availability


26- The external factor(s) that limit control is (are)

(A) govt. policies

(B) Market changes

(C) Economic changes

(D) All of the above


27- Communication barrier(s) in the international environment is (are)

(A) Loss by transmission

(B) Loss by poor retention

(C) Poor listening

(D) All of the above


28- Management is a creative and________process.

(A) Systematic

(B) Continuous

(C) Long

(D) None of the above


29- The old control technique(s) which were used through years is (are)

(A) Unity of policies

(B) Break-even analysis

(C) Budgetary control

(D) All of the above


30- What does a mission statement specify that the organization will achieve?

(A) Goals

(B) Profit

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above



21-(D), 22-(A), 23-(B), 24-(A), 25-(B), 26-(D), 27-(D), 28-(B), 29-(D), 30-(A)