Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Computer basics

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on Computer basics


1-Which of the following retains the information it’s storing when the power to the system is turned off?

(A) CPU  




(Ans: B)


2-A network of computers and other devices that is confined to a relatively small space is called?

(A) Wide Area Network

(B) Local Area Network

(C) Global Network

(D) Peer-to-Peer Network

(Ans: B)


3-Every computer connected to the Internet is identified by a unique four-part string, known as

(A) IP address

(B) Host name

(C) Domain name

(D) None of the above

(Ans: A)


4-ENIAC was the first general-purpose electronic computer. ENIAC stands for

(A) Electronic Network Interactive Analytic Computer

(B) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

(C) Electronic Network Integrated Analytical Computer

(D) Electronic Numerical Integrated Automatic Computer

(Ans: B)


5-Which of the following statement is correct?

(A) 1 KB = 1024 bytes

(B) 1 MB=2048 bytes

(C) 1 MB = 1000 kilobytes

(D) 1 KB = 1000 bytes

(Ans: A)


6-Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?

(A) Static RAM

(B) Dynamic RAM



(Ans: B)


7-.PNG refers to

(A) Image file

(B) Movie/animation file

(C) Audio file

(D) MS Office document

(Ans: A)


8-USB is a device used to store data and it stands for

(A) Unlimited Service Band

(B) Unlimited Serial Bus

(C) Universal Serial Bus

(D) Universal Service Bus

(Ans: C)


9- ______ is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet.

(A) VoIP


(C) Modem


(Ans: A)


10-To identify TCP/IP errors such as connection problems ______ command can be used


(B) Ping

(C) POP3


(Ans: B)