Natural Gas

– It is a non-renewable resource of energy. Formation of natural gas is a very long process. When the sea plants and animals died, they get buried on the ocean floor. With the passage of time, they are covered by rocks and sediments. After millions of years, due to high heat and pressure, they are turned into gas and petroleum. It is obtained by drilling the wells. Natural gas is lighter than air.

– Natural gas has Methane (CH4) as the main constituent and other hydrocarbons in small amounts.

– Due to high octane rating (around 120), natural gas is considered as a very good SI engine fuel. It has low engine emissions too.

– Impurities like sand and water are removed from natural gas before its use.

– It is stored as compressed natural gas (CNG) at a pressure of 16 to 25 bars or Liquid natural gas (LNG) at a pressure of 70 to 210 bars in spherical cylinders.

– Natural gas is used as fuel in SI engine, power generation, domestic cooking, space heating and in the manufacture of fertilizers.