Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

109-The least count of metric vernier height gauge is:

(A) 0.01 mm

(B) 0.02 mm

(C) 0.1 mm

(D) 0.5 mm


110-In which of the following gear, the teeth are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation?

(A) Spur gear

(B) Helical gear

(C) Hypoid gear

(D) Bevel gear


111-Solder is an alloy of:

(A) Copper and Tin

(B) Lead and Zinc

(C) Lead and Tin

(D) Copper and Lead


112-Clapper box is used in:

(A) Shaper

(B) Radial drilling machine

(C) Centre less grinding machine

(D) Slotter


113-The size of the gear is usually specified by:

(A) Diametral pitch

(B) Pitch circle diameter

(C) Addendum circle

(D) Dedundum circle


114-The distance a screw thread advances axially for one complete revolution is called:

(A) Pitch

(B) Root

(C) Module

(D) Lead


115-In acetylene cylinder, the acetylene is dissolved in:

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Water

(C) Oxygen

(D) Acetone


116-Which of the following chisel is used for cutting keyways?

(A) Crosscut chisel

(B) Diamond point chisel

(C) Half round chisel

(D) Round nose chisel


117-The rivet usually used for boiler plate riveting:

(A) Flat head

(B) Snap head

(C) Button head

(D) Cone head


118-Rasp file is used for filing:

(A) Mild steel

(B) Cast iron

(C) Nickel Steel

(D) Wood


119-Bent snips are used for:

(A) Support round articles

(B) Making round holes

(C) Cutting metal sheet along a curved lines

(D) None


120-The irregular shaped work pieces are clamped on a lathe by using:

(A) Face plate

(B) Four jaw chuck

(C) Mandrel

(D) Lathe dog



109-(B), 110-(B), 111-(C), 112-(A), 113-(B), 114-(D), 115-(D), 116-(A), 117-(B), 118-(D), 119-(C), 120-(A)