Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

121-The mallet is made of:

(A) Mild steel

(B) Cast iron

(C) Nickel Steel

(D) Wood


122-In a shaper:

(A) Work reciprocates and tool stationary

(B) Work reciprocates and tool moves over them

(C) Work stationary and tool reciprocates

(D) Work stationary and tool moves over them


123-The following semi-circular key is used for transmitting light torque:

(A) Feather key

(B) Gib head key

(C) Saddle key

(D) Woodruff key


124-The actual difference between the surface speed of the belt and pulley is:

(A) Creep

(B) Slip

(C) Dressing

(D) None of these


125-The ratio of pitch circle diameter to the number of teeth of the gear is:

(A) Pitch

(B) Pitch circle

(C) Root depth

(D) Module


126-The jockey pulley or idler pulley is fitted:

(A) Near the driver pulley on the tension side of the belt

(B) Near the driven pulley on the tension side of the belt

(C) Near the driver pulley on the slack side of the belt

(D) Near the driven pulley on the slack side of the belt


127-The fast pulley is a pulley which:

(A) Runs fast

(B) Runs independently

(C) Has grooved pulley

(D) Is fitted on the shaft


128-The trimmed size (in mm) of A3 drawing sheet is:

(A) 297 x 420

(B) 210 x 297

(C) 148 x 210

(D) 420 x 594


129-Which type of drawing shows the front of the object in true position?

(A) Oblique projection

(B) Perspective projection

(C) Isometric projection

(D) None of these


130-When the object is cut by a section plane parallel to HP and perpendicular to VP. Then the section view of the object is obtained in:

(A) Right side view

(B) Left side view

(C) Plan

(D) Elevation


131-If an object lies in third quadrant, its position with respect to reference plane will be:

(A) In front of VP, above HP

(B) In front of VP, below HP

(C) Behind VP, above HP

(D) Behind VP, below HP


132-‘Rag bolt’ is a type of:

(A) Welding bolt

(B) Foundation bolt

(C) Heavy duty bolt

(D) Locking bolt



121-(D), 122-(D), 123-(D), 124-(B), 125-(D), 126-(D), 127-(D), 128-(A), 129-(A), 130-(C), 131-(D), 132-(B)