Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

133-Circlips are made of:

(A) Cast iron

(B) Stainless steel

(C) Spring steel

(D) High carbon steel


134-Which of the following pump is suitable for low head and high energy?

(A) Centrifugal pump

(B) Reciprocating pump

(C) Came and piston pump

(D) Plunger pump


135-The profile of a gear tooth is in the form of:

(A) Involutes

(B) Parabola

(C) Helix

(D) Hyperbola


136-Which of the following clamp works on the principle of inclined planes?

(A) Cam clamp

(B) Toggle clamp

(C) Wedge clamp

(D) Latch clamp


137-The vice used for forging work is:

(A) Forging vice

(B) Leg vice

(C) Toolmaker’s vice

(D) Bench vice


138-The ratio of ultimate stress to the working stress is:

(A) Poisson’s ratio

(B) Factor of safety

(C) Young’s modulus

(D) Modulus of rigidity


139-The threads provided on standard pipe fittings are:

(A) BA





140-Which form of energy is stored in a hydraulic accumulator?

(A) Pressure energy

(B) Kinetic energy

(C) Potential energy

(D) Heat energy


141-The following compass is used to draw very large circle:

(A) Bow compass

(B) Beam compass

(C) Large compass

(D) Drop compass


142-The act of joining together slip gauges is termed as:

(A) Bunching

(B) Wringing

(C) Extending

(D) Welding



133-(C), 134-(A), 135-(A), 136-(C), 137-(B), 138-(B), 139-(D), 140-(C), 141-(B), 142-(B)