Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

13-A space lattice found in alpha-iron is called

(A) body centred cubic space lattice

(B) face centred cubic space lattice

(C) close packed hexagonal space lattice

(D) none of the above


14-The use of regeneration in a gas turbine cycle increases:

(A) Efficiency but has no effect on output

(B) Output but has no effect on efficiency

(C) Both efficiency and output

(D) None


15-The equation used for experimental measurement of viscosity is:

(A) Darcy equation

(B) Stokes equation

(C) Fanning equation

(D) Hagen Poiseuille equation


16-Bernoullis equation is derived starting from:

(A) Mass Balance

(B) Force Balance

(C) Momentum Balance

(D) Energy Balance


17-Orificemeter is used for measuring:

(A) Pressure

(B) Flow rate

(C) Density

(D) Viscosity


18-Froude number is directly proportional to

(A) Impeller speed

(B) Fluid viscosity

(C) Square of impeller diameter

(D) Square of impeller speed


19-In order to have maximum power from a Pelton turbine, the bucket speed must be:

(A) Equal to the jet speed

(B) Equal to half of jet speed

(C) Equal to twice the jet speed

(D) Independent of the jet speed


20-Steady flow occurs when:

(A) velocity does not change

(B) pressure does not change

(C) conditions change gradually with time

(D) conditions do not change with time at any point


21-When the pressure of water increase, its volume:

(A) Increases

(B) Don’t change

(C) Decreases

(D) None of the above


22-Psi in terms of pressure stands for:

(A) Pressure Square Inch

(B) Per Square Inch

(C) Pounds Per Square Inch

(D) Perpendicular Square Inch


23-Rotameter is used to measure:

(A) Level

(B) Pressure

(C) Volume

(D) Flow


24-Dall Tube is another variation of:

(A) Pitot tube

(B) Flow nozzle

(C) Venturi Tube

(D) Annular Tube



13-(A), 14-(A), 15-(B), 16-(D), 17-(B), 18-(A), 19-(B), 20-(D), 21-(B), 22-(C), 23-(D), 24-(C)