Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

49-The forces, which meet at one point and their lines of action also lie on the same plane, are known as:

(A) Coplanar concurrent forces

(B) Coplanar non-concurrent forces

(C) Non-coplanar concurrent forces

(D) Non-coplanar non-concurrent forces


50-Elaticcity of a body is:

(A) The property by which a body returns to its original shape after removal of the load

(B) The ratio of stress to strain

(C) The resistance to the force acting

(D) Large deformability as in case of rubber


51-A micrometer has a negative error of 0.02mm. What is the correct reading when the micrometer measures 25.37mm:

(A) 25.35mm

(B) 25.43mm

(C) 25.39mm

(D) 25.41mm


52-An LVDT uses following type of core:

(A) Variable Core

(B) Soft Iron Core

(C) Hard Iron Core

(D) Moving Displacement Core


53-Clino meter is an instrument concerned with:

(A) Temperature measurement

(B) Linear measurement

(C) Flatness measurement

(D) Angular measurement


54-LVDT is a following type of Transducer:

(A) Eddy current

(B) Resistance

(C) Inductive

(D) Magnetostriction


55-A transducer converts ____ from one form to another.

(A) Sound

(B) Heat

(C) Energy

(D) Electricity


56-A feeler gauge is used to check:

(A) Screw Pitch

(B) Surface Roughness

(C) Thickness of clearance

(D) Unsymmetrical Shape


57-Systematic errors are:

(A) Instrumental errors

(B) Environmental errors

(C) Observational errors

(D) All of the above


58-In a metal resistance thermometer the sensing element is usually made by:

(A) Brass

(B) Cast Iron

(C) Mild steel

(D) Platinum


59-A Thermocouple gauge is one type of:

(A) Mcleod gauge

(B) Slack diaphragm gauge

(C) Thermal conductivity gauge

(D) Pirani gauge


60-Washers help to:

(A) Improve appearance

(B) Distribute force over a large area

(C) Distribute force to the bolt

(D) Cover the clearance hole of the work piece



49-(A), 50-(A), 51-(C), 52-(B), 53-(D), 54-(C), 55-(C), 56-(C), 57-(A), 58-(D), 59-(D), 60-(C)