Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

61-Internal gear cutting operation can be performed by:

(A) Milling

(B) Hobbing

(C) Shaping with pinion cutter

(D) Shaping with rack cutter


62-Draft on pattern for casting is:

(A) Shrinkage allowance

(B) Identification number

(C) For machining allowance

(D) taper to facilitate its removal from mould


63-The purpose of chaplets is to:

(A) induce directional solidification

(B) compensate shrinkage

(C) provide bending

(D) support the core


64-Seam welding is a:

(A) arc welding process

(B) multi spot welding process

(C) continuous spot welding process

(D) process used for joining round bars


65-The consumable electrode is used in

(A) carbon arc welding

(B) MIG welding

(C) TIG welding

(D) Thermit welding


66-The algebraic difference between the maximum limit and basic size is called

(A) upper deviation

(B) lower deviation

(C) actual deviation

(D) mean deviation


67-The drawing down is a process of

(A) increasing the cross section of a bar

(B) reducing the cross section of a bar

(C) joining the two surfaces of metal under pressure after heating

(D) bending of a bar


68-Phosphor bronze has

(A) high corrosion resistance

(B) good wearing qualities and high elasticity

(C) valuable cold working property

(D) all of the above


69-Continuos chips are formed during machining of

(A) cast iron

(B) aluminium

(C) mild steel

(D) none of the above


70-The surface finish can be improved by the increasing

(A) cutting speed

(B) nose radius

(C) true rake angle

(D) all of the above


71-The following manual press is operated by hand

(A) Hydraulic press

(B) Arbor press

(C) Fly press

(D) Pneumatic press


72-For a damped vibrating system, when the critical damping coefficient is less than the damping coefficient, the system is said to be:

(A) Under damped

(B) Over damped

(C) Critically damped

(D) Undamped



61-(C), 62-(D), 63-(D), 64-(C), 65-(B), 66-(A), 67-(B), 68-(D), 69-(B), 70-(C), 71-(B), 72-(A)