Objective Questions on Mechanical Engineering

97-Which tool is used for repairing and finishing the mould surface after the pattern is withdrawn?

(A) Lifter

(B) Slick

(C) Swab

(D) Riddle


98-For designing a sleeve coupling, if ‘d’ is the diameter of the shaft in mm, then diameter of the sleeve is taken as:

(A) d+17 mm

(B) 2d+13 mm

(C) 2d+20 mm

(D) 3.5d mm


99-The portion of the shaft carried in the plain bearing is often referred as:

(A) Hub

(B) Races

(C) Case

(D) Journal


100-The loud pulsating noise heard within the cylinder of an IC engine is known as:

(A) Scavenging

(B) Detonation

(C) Injecting

(D) Super charging


101-The ratio of brake power to the indicated power of an IC engine:

(A) Indicated thermal efficiency

(B) Relative efficiency

(C) Brake thermal efficiency

(D) Mechanical efficiency


102-Which of the following devices is used to control the speed variation of the engine caused by the fluctuation of the engine turning moment?

(A) Crank shaft

(B) Cam shaft

(C) Governor

(D) Fly wheel


103-Which of the following coupling can be used for connecting two shafts, whose axis are parallel but not in same alignment?

(A) Oldham’s coupling

(B) Muff coupling

(C) Flange coupling

(D) Sleeve coupling


104-Name the operation of cutting a sheet of metal in a straight line along the length:

(A) Lancing

(B) Embossing

(C) Slitting

(D) Perforating


105-The file grades are determined by the:

(A) Distance from tip to heel

(B) Spacing of the teeth

(C) Cut of file

(D) Shape of file


106-Which among the following stake provides double ended support?

(A) Horse stake

(B) Half moon stake

(C) Funnel stake

(D) Creasing stake


107-The size of the sine bar is specified by:

(A) Overall length

(B) Length and weight

(C) Distance between rollers

(D) Roller’s diameter


108-Dwell period of a cam is the period in which the follower:

(A) Moves fast

(B) Moves upward

(C) Moves downwards

(D) Does not move



97-(B), 98-(B), 99-(D), 100-(B), 101-(D), 102-(D), 103-(A), 104-(C), 105-(B), 106-(D), 107-(C), 108-(D)