Plate clutch

A plate clutch is a device which is used in automobiles to transfer the rotary motion from engine shaft (6) to gear box shaft (7), when desired. It is generally placed in between the engine and gear box of an automobile. The plate clutch is considered to be a friction clutch in which friction is caused when two rotary discs come into contact.

The main components of a plate clutch are flywheel (1), friction plate (3) and pressure plate (2). The flywheel and pressure plate are driving members which are attached to the engine shaft (6). The friction plate has friction lining on both the faces and it is mounted on a hub splined from inside and is free to slide over the gear box shaft (7). Springs (4) are arranged circumferentially to provide the axial force which keeps the clutch in engaged position. Normally the clutch remains in an engaged position. A clutch pedal (5) is provided to engage and disengage the clutch. When we press the pedal the pressure plate moves backward which results in disengagement of clutch.

In multi plate clutch more than one friction plates are used.