Power Plant Engineering – Questions and Answers

Power Plant Engineering – Questions and Answers

1-Unit speed of a turbine can be determined by dividing the normal speed by

(A) √P

(B) √H

(C) P3/2

(D) H3/2


2-Hydel plants having capacity of the order of 100kW are called

(A) pico hydel plants

(B) micro hydel plants

(C) mini hydel plants

(D) none of the above


3-Efficiency of a draft tube is the ratio of actual regain of pressure head and

(A) velocity head at the entrance

(B) pressure head at the entrance

(C) theoretical regain of pressure head

(D) none of the above


4-The best suited pump for lifting water having solids in suspension is

(A) air lift pump

(B) jet pump

(C) centrifugal pump

(D) reciprocating pump


5-Specofic speed of a hydraulic turbine is inversely proportional to

(A) P5/4

(B) H5/4

(C) P3/4

(D) H3/4


6-In steam turbine the ratio of blade length divided by the steam passage width is

(A) aspect ratio

(B) diagram factor

(C) unity

(D) none of the above


7-The dissolved oxygen is removed from feed water for boiler is

(A) Deaerator

(B) Feed water heater

(C) Economizer

(D) Superheater


8-The burner tips in corner fired boiler are tilted to control

(A) steam temperature

(B) steam quality

(C) air fuel ratio

(D) atmospheric pollution


9-Electrostatic precipitators are devices used

(A) to reduce atmospheric pollution

(B) with pulverized coil fired boilers

(C) for dust collection from exhaust gas

(D) all of the above


10-Mach number under chocked condition in a steam nozzle is

(A) Greater than 1

(B) Less than 1

(C) Less than 0.3

(D) Equal to 1


11-Specific speed of a turbine with N, P and H as RPM, power and head respectively is:

(A) N√P / H5/4

(B) N√P / H3/4

(C) N2√P / H3/4

(D) N2√P / H5/4


12-Which is not a part of Pelton turbine?

(A) Nozzle

(B) Spear

(C) Draft tube

(D) Breaking jet


13-Graphite is used as a moderator in

(A) Boiling water reactor

(B) Pressurised water reactor

(C) Light water reactor

(D) Gas cooled reactor


14-A fast breeder reactor produces

(A) Fissible material only

(B) Fertile material only

(C) Electricity as well as new fissible material

(D) Electricity with breeding ratio less than one


15-For a given set of operating pressure limits of a Rankine cycle, the highest efficiency occurs for

(A) Super heated cycle

(B) Regenerative cycle

(C) Reheat cycle

(D) Saturated cycle


16-A reactor that produces more fissionable material than it consumes is called

(A) Breeder reactor

(B) Fast breeder reactor

(C) Water cooled reactor

(D) Nuclear reactor



1-(B), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(A), 7-(A), 8-(A), 9-(D), 10-(D), 11-(A), 12-(C), 13-(D), 14-(C), 15-(B), 16-(A)