Principles and Practices of Management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Principles and Practices of Management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1- Management is the combination of

(A) Arts, Science and Mathematics

(B) Arts, Science and profession

(C) Arts, Social science and profession

(D) Arts, Science and commerce


2- Budgetary control involves budgets such as

(A) Sales, production, cash

(B) Sales, production, quality

(C) Sales, marketing, cash

(D) Quality, production, marketing


3- The managements who are very much intimated by consulting firms, what are they likely to loose

(A) Production

(B) Manpower

(C) Capital

(D) Confidence


4- Producer services are trade,________, communication and financial services.

(A) Transport

(B) Marketing

(C) Sales

(D) Production


5- Unethical acts are results of the following factor(s)

(A) Unawareness and insensitivity to issues

(B) Faulty reasoning

(C) Selfishness

(D) All of the above


6- Under the disadvantages of strategic business units what is that which is difficult to maintain in its uniformity?

(A) Level of management

(B) Corporate image

(C) Delegation of authority

(D) None of the above


7- ____ method has been evolved by Peter Drucker (1955).


(B) SWOT analysis

(C) Kaizen

(D) None of the above


8- What is the fundamental tool employed by managers in directing their subordinates?

(A) Communication

(B) Order

(C) Morale

(D) All of the above


9- Planning is based on future conditions which are dynamic, hence it is said to be

(A) Flexible

(B) Strategic

(C) Static

(D) None of the above


10- The name(s) of the expert(s) who has (have) given recent contribution to management is (are):

(A) William Ouchi

(B) W.Edward Deming

(C) Peter F.Drucker

(D) All of the above



1-(B), 2-(A), 3-(D), 4-(A), 5-(D), 6-(B), 7-(A), 8-(B), 9-(A), 10-(D)