PTU B.Tech. First/Second Semester Question Papers May 2014

PTU Question Papers – B.Tech. First Year – April/May 2014

Engineering Mathematics-1 (BTAM-101) – Download Engg. Maths-1

Engineering Mathematics-II (BTAM-102) – Download Engg. Maths-2

Communicative English (BTHU-101) – Download CE

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BTEE-101) – BEEE

Human Values and Professional Ethics (HVPE-101) – HVPE

Engineering Chemistry (BTCH-101) – Engg. Chemistry

Elements of Mechanical Engineering (BTME-101) – EME

Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT (BTCS-101) – FCPIT

Environmental Science (EVSC-101) – Env. Science

Engineering Drawing (BTME-102) – ED May 2014

Engineering Physics (BTPH-101) – Engg. Physics