Questions and Answers on General Awareness

12-DENEL is an arms manufacturing company of

(A) Germany

(B) France

(C) South Africa

(D) Denmark


13-The percentage of carbon in glucose is

(A) 40

(B) 60

(C) 72

(D) 12


14-Common cold is caused by the virus

(A) Rhino virus

(B) Arbo virus

(C) Varicella virus

(D) None of these


15-Pollination is an important process in the plants responsible for the production of seeds and fruits. It is defined as

(A) Germination of pollen grains on the stigma of the flower

(B) Visiting of flowers by the insects

(C) Growth of pollen tubes in the style

(D) Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of the flower


16-Gautama Buddha died at

(A) Lumbini

(B) Saranath

(C) Rajgir

(D) Kushinagar


17-Glaucoma is a disease of

(A) Skin

(B) Ear

(C) Eye

(D) Teeth


18-“A single step for a man against leap for mankind” is quoted by

(A) Winston Churchil

(B) Neil Armstrong

(C) Abraham Lincoln

(D) Mahatma Gandhi


19-The hardest substance in the human body is

(A) Keratin

(B) Calcium of bone

(C) Enamel of teeth

(D) Phosphorous of skeleton


20-Stratigraphy is associated with

(A) Architecture

(B) Archaeology

(C) Epigraphy

(D) Numismatics


21-Sound waves cannot travel in

(A) Vacuum

(B) Air

(C) Water

(D) Metal


22-To detect forgery in documents ____ rays are used.

(A) Cosmic

(B) Gamma

(C) Infrared

(D) Ultra violet



12-(C), 13-(A), 14-(A), 15-(D), 16-(D), 17-(C), 18-(B), 19-(C), 20-(B), 21-(A), 22-(D)