Basic Electrical Engineering Questions

11-Britannia joint is used in:

(A) Underground cables

(B) Conduct wiring

(C) Concealed wiring

(D) O.H. Lines


12-The main function of starter of the DC Motor is to:

(A) Limit the starting current

(B) Limit the back emf

(C) Increase the field circuit resistance

(D) Decrease armature resistances


13-Which meter is used to measure the power?

(A) Power factor meter

(B) Ammeter

(C) Watt meter

(D) Multimeter


14-The potential difference that causes the breakdown of insulation is called:

(A) Dielectric strength

(B) Insulation resistance

(C) Break down voltage

(D) Ampacity


15-The speed of a DC motor is:

(A) Directly proportional to the back e.m.f. and inversely proportional to the flux

(B) Inversely proportional to back e.m.f. and directly proportional to flux

(C) Directly proportional to the e.m.f. as well as flux

(D) Directly proportional to current


16-Least count of steel rule is

(A) 1 mm

(B) 0.5 mm

(C) 1 cm

(D) 0.1 mm


17-The sweep of the ceiling fan is determined by:

(A) Length of the blade from fan centre

(B) The diameter of the circle formed by the blade tips of the fan

(C) Breadth of the blades

(D) The distance between adjacent blade tips


18-Insulation resistance is measured in

(A) Mega watts

(B) Kilo ohms

(C) Mega ohms

(D) Kilo volts


19-Which of the following fire extinguisher is suitable for electrical fire?

(A) Halon

(B) Water

(C) Foam

(D) Liquefied chemical


20-What type of motor is used in a food mixer?

(A) DC shunt motor

(B) Universal motor

(C) Capacitor start motor

(D) Permanent capacitor



11-(D), 12-(A), 13-(C), 14-(A), 15-(A), 16-(B), 17-(B), 18-(C), 19-(A), 20-(B)