Automobile Engineering MCQ Questions

Automobile Engineering MCQ Questions

1-A tandem master cylinder has

(A) One piston

(B) Two pistons

(C) Three pistons

(D) No piston

2-A transfer case in used

(A) All vehicles

(B) Front wheel drive vehicle

(C) Rear wheel drive vehicle

(D) Four wheel drive vehicle

3-Which of the following has negative temperature co-efficient of resistance?

(A) Carbon

(B) Copper

(C) Aluminium

(D) Iron

4-In the air brake system, the valve which regulates the line air pressure is

(A) Brake valve

(B) Delivery valve

(C) Thermostat valve

(D) Unloader valve

5-“R134a” is:

(A) A brake fluid

(B) A coolant

(C) A lubricant

(D) A refrigerant

6-In a modern automobile gearbox, most of the gears are:

(A) Spur gears

(B) Helical gears

(C) Herringbone gears

(D) Spiral bevel gears

7-The clutch cover is bolted to the:

(A) Pressure plate

(B) Crankcase

(C) Gearbox

(D) Flywheel

8-The facing of the clutch friction plate is made of:

(A) Asbestos

(B) Rubber

(C) Steel

(D) Cast iron

9-The electrolyte used in a lead acid battery is:

(A) Hydrochloric acid

(B) Sulphuric acid

(C) Nitric acid

(D) Lead peroxide

10-Which of the following is not a part of differential assembly?

(A) Crown wheel

(B) Sun gear

(C) Pinion

(D) Universal joint


1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(D), 5-(D), 6-(B), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(B), 10-(D)

11-The ‘Ackerman mechanism’ is related to:

(A) Air conditioning system

(B) Transmission system

(C) Steering system

(D) Lubrication system

12-Tread wear indicator is located:

(A) On the tyre, where the tread meets the side wall

(B) On the dashboard of the vehicle

(C) At the wheel alignment shops

(D) On the front bumper of the vehicle

13-Tyre rotation is carried out for:

(A) Reconditioning of a damaged tyre

(B) Equalizing the wear of all the tyres in a vehicle

(C) Free movement of the tyres

(D) Removing impurities from the tyre

14-In tubeless tyres

(A) Air is filled in a tube inside the tyre

(B) Air is filled in between rim and the tyre

(C) No air is required

(D) Liquid is filled in place of air

15-When the child lock is ON:

(A) The door can be opened from inside

(B) The door cannot be opened from outside

(C) All the doors will be closed automatically

(D) The door cannot be opened from inside

16-The term ‘Gross Vehicle Weight’ indicates:

(A) The maximum operating weight of a vehicle without trailer

(B) Weight of the vehicle without passengers

(C) Weight of the vehicle when its body is removed

(D) Weight of the passengers a vehicle can carry

17-The crumple zone is:

(A) A garage, where the unserviceable vehicles are kept

(B) The space inside the luggage compartment of the vehicle

(C) The area which cannot be seen by the driver

(D) The part of the vehicle, designed to absorb the energy during a collision

18-Seat belts used in cars are generally:

(A) Two point type

(B) Three point type

(C) Four point type

(D) Six point type

19-The ‘immobilizer’ is:

(A) A mobile phone charging device used in cars

(B) An electronic security device for vehicles

(C) An automobile tyre changing equipment

(D) A trailer attached to the carriage vehicles

20-The type of car in which the driver’s cabin is separated from the rear compartment by using a window is called:

(A) Sedan

(B) Coupe

(C) Limousine

(D) Station wagon


11-(C), 12-(A), 13-(B), 14-(B), 15-(D), 16-(A), 17-(D), 18-(B), 19-(B), 20-(C)

21-The chassis frame of vehicles is narrow at the front, because:

(A) It gives smaller turning radius to the vehicle

(B) Number of tyres is less at the front

(C) Weight of the vehicle is less at the front

(D) It helps to reduce the weight of the frame

22-The metal used for body building of automobiles is generally:

(A) Cast iron

(B) Steel

(C) Copper

(D) Aluminium

23-Spark plug ‘reach’ means:

(A) The heat range of the spark plug

(B) The length of central electrode

(C) The length of the threaded portion of the spark plug shell

(D) The gap between the spark plug terminals

24-In an automobile, solenoid switch is a part of:

(A) Starting system

(B) Ignition system

(C) Charging system

(D) Lighting system

25-Which of the following is not a function of fuel injection system in the diesel engine?

(A) To atomise the fuel

(B) To supply the fuel into the cylinder in mentioned quantity

(C) To prepare air-fuel mixture in the inlet manifold for combustion

(D) To pressurize the fuel so that it can enter into the compressed air in the cylinder

26-The positive crankcase ventilation system helps:

(A) To redirect the blow by gases in the crankcase to inlet manifold

(B) To reduce the atmospheric pollution caused by the engine

(C) To prevent air dilution and sludge formation

(D) All of the above

27-The force which retards the motion of one body, in contact with another body is called

(A) Friction

(B) Adhesion

(C) Cohesion

(D) Torsion

28-If you notice the presence of engine oil inside the radiator filler neck, the reason can be:

(A) Defective radiator pressure cap

(B) Damaged cylinder head gasket

(C) Defective thermostat valve

(D) Defective oil pump

29-Which process gives the engine cylinder a cross hatch pattern?

(A) Drilling

(B) Boring

(C) Facing

(D) Honing

30-In a diesel engine, the fuel gets ignited by:

(A) Fuel injector

(B) Electric spark

(C) Heater plug

(D) Heat of compressed air


21-(A), 22-(B), 23-(C), 24-(A), 25-(C), 26-(D), 27-(B), 28-(B), 29-(D), 30-(D)

31-When the piston is at BDC, volume of the cylinder above the piston is:

(A) Clearance volume

(B) Swept volume

(C) Total volume

(D) Compression ratio

32-“Scuffing” occurs when:

(A) Piston slides against cylinder without lubrication

(B) Piston clearance is excessive

(C) Piston rings are worn out

(D) Cylinders liner is worn out

33-Opening and closing of the valves in relation to the position of piston and flywheel is called:

(A) Valve lead

(B) Valve lag

(C) Valve overlap

(D) Valve timing

34-The ratio of work output of an engine to the fuel energy burnt is called

(A) Mechanical efficiency

(B) Volumetric efficiency

(C) Thermal efficiency

(D) Overall efficiency

35-Snips are used for

(A) Cutting away thick layer of metal

(B) Cutting sheet metal

(C) Cutting wooden blocks

(D) Cutting external threads

36-A round rod which does not have a head, and has external threads at both ends is called:

(A) Stud

(B) Bolt

(C) Nut

(D) Screw

37-Which of the following is not a precision measuring instrument?

(A) Outside micrometer

(B) Dial indicator

(C) Vernier height gauge

(D) Universal surface gauge

38-The cross-sectional shape of an allen key is:

(A) Square

(B) Pentagon

(C) Hexagon

(D) Octagon

39-Which file has minimum space between their teeth?

(A) Rough files

(B) Smooth files

(C) Coarse files

(D) Bastard files

40-Which of the following is used for securing a tightened nut in position?

(A) Key

(B) Cotter pin

(C) Snap ring

(D) Gasket


31-(C), 32-(A), 33-(D), 34-(C), 35-(B), 36-(A), 37-(D), 38-(C), 39-(B), 40-(D)