Automobile Engineering MCQ

Automobile Engineering MCQ

1-Following gauge is used to check bearing clearance

(A) Wire gauge

(B) Dial gauge

(C) Purg gauge

(D) Plasti gauge

2-The function of FIP is:

(A) Stormising the fuel

(B) Filtering the fuel

(C) To deliver specific quantity of fuel at specific time

(D) Suck the fuel from the fuel tank

3-The component which transmit reciprocating motion of valve lifter to rocker arm:

(A) valve guide

(B) tappet

(C) push rod

(D) rocker shaft

4-The time duration, given in degrees of distributor rotation that the Contact Breaker points remain closed between successive openings is:

(A) Dwell

(B) Camber angle

(C) Included angle

(D) Overlap period

5-A smoking blue exhaust is due to

(A) lean mixture

(B) excessive fuel consumption

(C) burning of oil in the combustion chamber

(D) incorrect valve adjustment

6-The location of Thermostat valve in cooling system is:

(A) at engine inlet from radiator

(B) at engine outlet to radiator

(C) between radiator and water pump

(D) between water pump and engine

7-The engine power transfer mechanism that combines a transmission assembly and differential assembly in a single unit is known as

(A) Multi axle mechanism

(B) Free wheel mechanism

(C) Transfer case

(D) Trans axle mechanism

8-Valve lapping is the process of grinding:

(A) valve seat and margin

(B) valve seat and stem

(C) valve seat and guide

(D) valve seat and face

9-Positive plate of lead acid battery consists of grid filled with a paste of

(A) Pb

(B) PbSO4

(C) PbSO2

(D) H2SO4

10-The two-stroke cycle engine has ports in the:

(A) Piston

(B) Cylinder walls

(C) Cylinder head

(D) None of the above


1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(D), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(B)