Automobile Engineering Questions with Answers

Automobile Engineering Questions with Answers. Multiple Choice Questions on Automobile Engineering. MCQ on Automobile Engineering.

1- Which of the following is the type of horn?

(A) Air horn

(B) Bulb horn

(C) Electric horn

(D) Wind horn


2- Name of sensor which is used in the air bag systems?

(A) Infrared sensor

(B) Accelerometer type air bag system sensor

(C) Mass type air bag system sensor

(D) Interior temperature sensor


3- Following sensor is used for safer parking of vehicle?


(B) Infrared sensor

(C) Proximity sensor

(D) Strain sensor


4- The purpose of engine immobilizer is to

(A) Prevent engine from starting

(B) reduce friction in the engine

(C) reduce heating up of engine

(D) all of the above


5- What is the name of gauge used to check spark plug gap?

(A) Plug gauge

(B) Feeler gauge

(C) Ring gauge

(D) Thread gauge


6- The purpose of condenser in the ignition system is to

(A) prevent arcs at the points

(B) open and close the primary circuit

(C) distribute high tension current to spark plugs

(D) insulate spark plug electrodes


7- The purpose of breaker plate in the distributor is to

(A) distribute high tension surge to ignition coil

(B) prevent dirt, carbon into distributor

(C) acts as contact breaker

(D) conduct the ignition surge to the electrode


8- The following instrument indicates the engine RPM in the engine control module?

(A) Tachometer

(B) Hygrometer

(C) Pyranometer

(D) None of the above


9- The sensor installed at the exhaust manifold is

(A) Oxygen sensor

(B) Hall effect sensor

(C) Proximity sensor

(D) Any of the above


10- Which senor is used to sense vibration?

(A) Engine knock sensor

(B) Hall effect sensor


(D) Any of the above


11- Which one of the following is a secondary cell?

(A) Lead acid cell

(B) Daniel cell

(C) Voltaic cell

(D) Lenience cell


12- The EMF of a cell doesn’t depend upon ___

(A) Size of the plate

(B) Spacing between the plate

(C) Both A&B

(D) None of these


13- Secondary cell are also called as ___

(A) Disposal cell

(B) Throw away cell

(C) Accumulators

(D) None of these


14- Which one of the following is a primary cell?

(A) Nickel iron cell

(B) Barium hydroxide

(C) Dry cell

(D) Lead acid cell


15-The electrolyte used in lead acid cells is ___

(A) Nitric acid

(B) Water

(C) Sulphuric acid

(D) None



1-(A), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(A), 11-(A), 12-(C), 13-(C), 14-(C), 15-(C)