Automobile Engineering Questions

Automobile Engineering Questions

1-Which of the following is a rich air fuel ratio?

(A) 9:1

(B) 11:1

(C) 13:1

(D) 15:1


2-The percentage of combustion heat, available at crank shaft for useful work output is:

(A) 20%

(B) 35%

(C) 55%

(D) 60%


3-Vavle rotators are used for:

(A) Rotating the valves on its own

(B) Reducing the warping of valves

(C) Even wear distribution of valves

(D) All of the above


4-VTEC stands for

(A) Variable valve Timing Electronic Cam shaft

(B) Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic control

(C) Valve Timing Electrical Cam shaft

(D) None of the above


5-In a single cylinder two stroke engine running at 2000 RPM the number of power strokes per minute is:

(A) 1000

(B) 2000

(C) 3000

(D) 4000


6-In automobile servicing concept, what is meant by “Tear down”?

(A) Adjusting

(B) Disassembling

(C) Reassembling

(D) Machining


7-What is most suitable to check spark plug gap?

(A) Feeler gauge

(B) Micrometer

(C) Wire gauges

(D) Vernier caliper


8-The stroke in which both the valves are closed is:

(A) Suction

(B) Compression

(C) Expansion

(D) Both (B) and (C)


9-How many times in minutes the inlet valve of a four stroke opens and closes when engine is working at 1000 RPM?

(A) 500

(B) 1000

(C) 1500

(D) 2000


10-The purpose of tyre rotation on automobiles is to:

(A) Avoid ply separation

(B) Equalize wear

(C) Get better ride

(D) None of the above



1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(D), 4-(B), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(B)


11-Which of the following does not relate to compression ignition engine?

(A) Fuel

(B) Governor

(C) Fuel injector

(D) Carburetor


12-The venturi in the carburetor cause:

(A) Decrease of air velocity

(B) Decrease of fuel flow

(C) Increase of air velocity

(D) None of the above


13-The parking brakes employed in vehicle are

(A) Hydraulically operated

(B) Mechanically operated

(C) Pneumatically operated

(D) None of the above


14-The brake lining consists mainly of:

(A) Cast iron

(B) Copper

(C) Asbestos

(D) Rubber


15-The common firing order of six cylinder engine is:

(A) 1-5-3-6-2-4

(B) 1-5-2-4-6-3

(C) 1-3-5-2-4-6

(D) 1-6-5-4-3-2


16-The function of a shackle with a leaf spring is to:

(A) Allow pivoting of spring end

(B) Control the front torque

(C) Control the side vibration

(D) Allow spring length to change


17-The process of removing entrapped air from the hydraulic brake system, is known as

(A) Bleeding

(B) Cleaning

(C) Facing

(D) Trapping


18-The minimum number of oil compression rings in an automobile is:

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four


19-The part of crank shaft to which connecting rod is connected is called:

(A) Crank web

(B) Small end

(C) Big end

(D) Crank pin


20-The air fuel mixture required at the time of starting the engine is

(A) Lean mixture

(B) Rich mixture

(C) Stoichiometric mixture

(D) Any of the above



11-(D), 12-(C), 13-(B), 14-(C), 15-(A), 16-(D), 17-(A), 18-(B), 19-(D), 20-(B)


21-The discharged lead acid battery has on its plates:

(A) Sulphuric acid

(B) Lead peroxide

(C) Spongy lead

(D) Lead sulphate


22-The device for smoothening out the power impulse from the engine is called:

(A) Gear box

(B) Clutch

(C) Governor

(D) Flywheel


23-The inner end of the axle shaft is splined to the:

(A) Planet pinion

(B) Bevel pinion

(C) Crown Wheel

(D) Sun gear


24-If the engine coolant leaks into the engine oil, then engine oil:

(A) Turns black

(B) Turns grey in color

(C) Appears milky

(D) Brown in color


25-___ type of reflector used for automobile head lights is:

(A) Circular

(B) Hyperbolic

(C) Spherical

(D) Parabolic


26-___ is the tendency of the fuel to change from the liquid state to the vapor state at any given temperature:

(A) Density

(B) Volatility

(C) Plasticity

(D) Viscosity


27-Which of the classification indicates multi-grade oil?

(A) SAE 90

(B) SAE 30

(C) API 60

(D) SAE 20W50


28-Automobile gears are generally made of:

(A) Aluminium alloy

(B) Cast iron

(C) Medium carbon steel

(D) Alloy steel


29-___ is a gas that pollutes the air and mainly released by cars and other vehicles

(A) Nitrogen gas

(B) Carbon di-oxide

(C) Carbon monoxide

(D) Hydrogen gas


30-If the compression ratio of IC engine increases then its thermal efficiency will:

(A) Decreases

(B) Increases

(C) Remain same

(D) None of the above



21-(D), 22-(D), 23-(D), 24-(C), 25-(D), 26-(B), 27-(D), 28-(D), 29-(C), 30-(B)


31-The radiator core is made of:

(A) Copper

(B) Aluminium

(C) Cast iron

(D) Brass


32-The slip joint permits a change in the:

(A) Angle of drive

(B) Rotation of the shaft

(C) Speed of the shaft

(D) Length of the shaft


33-The choke in an automobile is meant for supplying:

(A) Rich mixture

(B) Weak mixture

(C) Lean mixture

(D) None of the above


34-The distance between the centres of the front wheel is called

(A) Turning angles

(B) Wheel angle

(C) Axle length

(D) Wheel track


35-In a diesel engine, fuel and air mixes together in the

(A) Carburetor

(B) Fuel pump

(C) Fuel injector

(D) Combustion chamber


36-In an automobile gear transmission the counter shaft drive gear is meshed with the gear on the:

(A) Clutch shaft

(B) Main shaft

(C) Axle shaft

(D) Propeller shaft


37-The fundamental operating principle of alternator:

(A) Electromagnetic induction

(B) Electromagnetic pressure

(C) Pascal’s law

(D) Fleming’s law


38-___ component that connects the rack to the steering knuckles is:

(A) Pinion

(B) Splined shaft

(C) Universal joint

(D) Tie rod


39-The part not to be lubricated is

(A) Differential gear box

(B) Gear box

(C) Crank shaft

(D) Thermostat


40-___ types of gear boxes are used in motor cycles:

(A) Constant mesh

(B) Progressive type gear box

(C) Epicyclic gear box

(D) Synchronous mesh gear box



31-(B), 32-(D), 33-(A), 34-(D), 35-(D), 36-(A), 37-(A), 38-(D), 39-(D), 40-(A)


41-The secondary windings of the ignition coil consists of

(A) Few turns of heavy wire

(B) Thousands of turns of small wire

(C) Many turns of heavy wire

(D) None of the above


42-Which one of the following is not a part of chassis?

(A) Wheels

(B) Passenger seats

(C) Rear axles

(D) Front axle


43-The capacity of battery is

(A) Ability to store chemical energy

(B) Ability to store electrical energy

(C) Ability to store heat energy

(D) Ability to store kinetic energy


44-The included angle is the sum of the:

(A) Camber and castor

(B) Caster and SAI

(C) Camber and SAI

(D) Camber and toe-in


45-With the increase of battery temperature, the specific gravity of electrolyte:

(A) Decreases

(B) Remains the same

(C) Increases

(D) None of the above


46-For lower loads, the automobile engine crank shaft is made of:

(A) Cast steel

(B) Cast iron

(C) Forged steel

(D) High carbon steel


47-The main function of the ignition condenser is:

(A) Increasing contact arching of terminals

(B) Reduces primary spark

(C) Reduces secondary spark

(D) Reduces arcing at the contacts


48-The angle between the central line of the king pin and vertical line is called:

(A) King-pin inclination

(B) Camber angle

(C) Caster angle

(D) Turning angle


49-The essential difference between brazing and soldering is the:

(A) Melting temperature of work piece

(B) Melting temperature of the flux

(C) Type of filler materials

(D) Melting temperature of filler materials


50-The most effective air cleaner in case of diesel engine is:

(A) Wet type

(B) Oil bath type

(C) Dry type

(D) Water bath type



41-(B), 42-(B), 43-(B), 44-(C), 45-(A), 46-(B), 47-(B), 48-(C), 49-(D), 50-(B)