Basic Computer Awareness MCQ

Basic Computer Awareness MCQ

1-MB is equal to

(A) 1024 KB

(B) 1024 bytes

(C) 1000 KB

(D) 1000 bytes


2-URL stands for

(A) Uniform Resource Link

(B) Universal Resource Language

(C) Universal Resource Locator

(D) Uniform Resource Locator


3-Find the false statement:

(A) .in stands for Indian websites

(B) .ac stands for educational institute’s websites

(C) .org stands for commercial websites

(D) .gov stands for government websites


4-In MS-Word toggle case means

(A) changes the letters to lower case

(B) changes upper case letters to lower-case and vice-versa

(C) capitalizes each word

(D) changes the letters into upper case


5-New document can be opened in MS word using ___ key combinations.

(A) Ctrl + R

(B) Ctrl + O

(C) Ctrl + A

(D) Ctrl + N


6-___ are the programs which are automatically loaded and works as a part of the Browser.

(A) Cookies

(B) Firewalls

(C) Plugins

(D) Addons


7-In PowerPoint presentation, text box and clip art can be selected from ___ menu.

(A) Animation

(B) Design

(C) File

(D) Insert


8-This is used to translate image into text

(A) Microphone

(B) Scanner


(D) Camera


9-Which of the following is not an internet browser?

(A) Google talk

(B) Opera

(C) Mozilla

(D) Chrome


10-Which among the following is correct extension of MS-Word files?

(A) .ppt

(B) .doc

(C) .xls

(D) .mdb


11-Key/s used to perform ‘un-do’ in MS-Word

(A) Alt + z

(B) Alt + u

(C) Ctrl + z

(D) Ctrl + u


12-Storage capacity of DVD

(A) 4.7 GB

(B) 4.7 MB

(C) 700 GB

(D) 700 MB


13-Key/s to be used to stop a slide show in MS-PowerPoint

(A) Alt + s

(B) Ctrl + s

(C) Escape

(D) Right arrow



1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(C), 4-(B), 5-(D), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(B), 11-(C), 12-(A), 13-(C)