Basic Computer Knowledge MCQ

Basic Computer Knowledge MCQ

1-Which among the following is an empty tag and does not require a closing tag in HTML?

(A) <h2>

(B) <br>

(C) <p>

(D) <b>


2-Which among the following is a dynamically allocated memory to a process during its run time?

(A) Data

(B) Text

(C) Heap

(D) Stack


3-Who coined the term “Artificial Intelligence”?

(A) Marvin Minsky

(B) John McCarthy

(C) Allen Newell

(D) Alan Turing


4-In which among the following layer of the OSI model does multiplexing and splitting of data occurs?

(A) Session Layer

(B) Data Link Layer

(C) Transport Layer

(D) Network Layer


5-Which symbol must be used to represent a decision-based operation in a flowchart?

(A) Oval symbol

(B) Parallelogram symbol

(C) Rectangle symbol

(D) Diamond symbol


6-Which among the following is a network security program to keep a check on incoming and outgoing information?

(A) Firewall

(B) Antivirus

(C) Malware

(D) Spyware


7-When you shut down the Windows Operating System computer, it automatically clears the contents of ________________ .

(A) Hard Drive


(C) Floppy Disk



8-A/An _________________is an input device that can sense hand – drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles made on pre-printed format.






9-Some web applications maintain the list of websites and a brief summary of their content in large databases and these large databases are called ________ and these web applications are called __________.

(A) Search Engines, Web Pages

(B) Indexes, Search Engines

(C) Hyperlink, Web Pages

(D) Search Engines, Browsers


10-To which type of search engine does Google, Yahoo!, Bing belong to?

(A) Crawler based search engine

(B) Human powered directories

(C) Dogpile search engine

(D) Semantic search engine



1-(B), 2-(C), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(D), 9-(B), 10-(A)