Basic Computer Knowledge MCQ

31-Which of the following options is NOT a valid email address?

(A) [email protected]

(B) [email protected]

(C) [email protected]

(D) [email protected]


32-Which of the following computer devices is both an input and an output device and is also a storage device?

(A) Monitor

(B) Processor

(C) Central Processing Unit

(D) Keyboard


33-. In Computer parlance, which of the following options is NOT an Operating System?

(A) Windows XP

(B) Linux


(D) Python


34-A malicious software program that can reside on a computer and can modify, delete the files and can make any software program to act in an unexpected manner is called a _____.

(A) Worm

(B) Spyware

(C) Virus

(D) Trojan


35-Laptops and Desktops are examples of _______computers.

(A) Super computer

(B) Mainframe computer

(C) Miniframe computer

(D) Micro computer


36-Which of the following is NOT a type of Operating System?

(A) Android

(B) Windows

(C) Kernel



37-Which of the following is an Output device?

(A) Joystick

(B) Printer

(C) Scanner

(D) Light Pen


38-From the following option, choose the disadvantage of internet.

(A) Spamming

(B) Banking

(C) Cloud computing

(D) Knowledge and Learning


39-Which of the following is a Command Line-Operating System?

(A) Widows 7

(B) Windows 2000

(C) Unix

(D) IOS 10


40-. USB refers to______________

(A) A serial bus

(B) a processor

(C) a port type

(D) a storage device



31-(A), 32-(C), 33-(D), 34-(C), 35-(D), 36-(C), 37-(B), 38-(A), 39-(C), 40-(C)