Basic Computer Knowledge MCQ

71-The full form of WWW is ___________.

(A) Word Wild Web

(B) World Wild Words

(C) World Wide Web

(D) World Web Wild


72-Among the following which is the command used to ‘select all’ the text?

(A) Ctrl+p

(B) Ctrl+v

(C) Ctrl+a

(D) Ctrl+c


73-Which programming language is called the mother of programming languages?

(A) C++

(B) C

(C) Java



74-What is an operating system?

(A) A program

(B) A hardware

(C) A memory chip



75-. _______________is the system in which multiple PCs are connected to each other.

(A) Internet

(B) Intranet

(C) Network

(D) Interconnection


76-The time interval to process and respond to inputs is very small in the case of _________ operating system.

(A) Distributed

(B) Batch

(C) Multi tasking

(D) Real Time


77-. Laser printers belongs to ___________ printers.

(A) line

(B) page

(C) band

(D) dot


78-. ___________ command is used by the receiving server in order to verify whether the given username is valid or not.

(A) Verify

(B) Data

(C) Size



79-The function key which is used to rename a highlighted icon, file or folder is___________.

(A) F1

(B) F2

(C) F7

(D) F9


80-The various parts of the computer are connected to each other with_________.

(A) fiber optic cable

(B) coaxial cable

(C) power cable

(D) data cable



71-(C), 72-(C), 73-(B), 74-(A), 75-(B), 76-(D), 77-(B), 78-(A), 79-(C), 80-(D)