Basic Computer Knowledge MCQ

81-Which amongst the following is NOT an operating system?

(A) Android

(B) MacOS

(C) Python

(D) Unix


82-_________ is an input device used for verifying and recognizing the identity of living being.

(A) Biometric device

(B) Barcode scanner

(C) Plotter

(D) Optical discs


83-Which amongst the following will you need to get connected to the Internet?

(A) Internet Protocol

(B) Modem

(C) Email address

(D) Internet Service Provider


84-What is DMA in computers?

(A) Dealer Message Activity

(B) Direct Message Access

(C) Distinct Memory Access

(D) Direct Memory Access


85-Which of the following helps to compress and send large files, across the network?

(A) Comp Zip

(B) File Zip

(C) Win Zip

(D) Win Stack


86-Which of the following is NOT a peripheral device?

(A) Printer


(C) Keyboard

(D) Mouse


87-Which of the following is an impact printer?

(A) Laser Printer

(B) Thermal Printer

(C) Dot Matrix Printer

(D) Inkjet Printer


88-An e-mail has all the features of ______________.

(A) MS – Word

(B) MS – Powerpoint

(C) MS – Access Database

(D) MS – Excel


89-What is the shortcut key to undo an action in MS Word?

(A) Ctrl + W

(B) Ctrl + B

(C) Ctrl + Z

(D) Ctrl + U


90-The maximum of ____________columns can be inserted in a MS Word 2010.

(A) 45

(B) 54

(C) 63

(D) 70



81-(C), 82-(A), 83-(D), 84-(D), 85-(C), 86-(B), 87-(C), 88-(A), 89-(C), 90-(C)