Biggest/Largest/Longest/Highest in the World – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

11-The largest (in area) bay in the world is

(A) Bay of Bengal

(B) Hudson Bay

(C) Bay of Biscay

(D) Barrin Bay


12-Second highest mountain in the world is

(A) Kanchenjunga

(B) Godwin Austen (K2)

(C) Lhotse

(D) Makalu


13-Highest waterfall in the world is

(A) Tugela Falls

(B) Niagara Falls

(C) Angel Falls

(D) Victoria Falls


14-The deepest place in ocean is

(A) Mariana Trench

(B) Philippine Trench

(C) Tonga Trench

(D) Kermadec Trench


15-Largest city (by land area) in the world is

(A) Tokyo/Yokohama

(B) New York Metro

(C) Chicago

(D) Atlanta


16-Following is the largest island of the world.

(A) New Guinea

(B) Borneo

(C) Madagascar

(D) Greenland


17-The largest lake (in area) in the world is

(A) Superior

(B) Victoria

(C) Caspian Sea

(D) Huron


18-Largest living bird is

(A) Emu

(B) Ostrich

(C) Southern Cassowary

(D) Northern Cassowary


19-World’s longest train journey (passenger) is

(A) The Indian Pacific (Australia)

(B) California Zephyr (USA)

(C) The Canadian (Canada)

(D) The Trans-Siberian Express (Russia)


20-Following country has highest life expectancy in the world

(A) Japan

(B) Switzerland

(C) Singapore

(D) Australia



11-(A), 12-(B), 13-(C), 14-(A), 15-(B), 16-(D), 17-(C), 18-(B), 19-(D), 20-(A)