Business Administration Questions and Answers

Business Administration Questions and Answers

1- F. Y. Taylor is regarded as father of _______.

(A) Simplification

(B) Standardization

(C) Work study

(D) Scientific management


2- _______ organization is governed by certain laid down, rules, regulation procedures for its proper functioning.

(A) Staff

(B) Functional

(C) Formal

(D) Informal


3- Management by objectives emphasizes participatively setting goals that are

(A) General in nature

(B) Easy to attain

(C) Easy to create and develop

(D) Tangible, verifiable and measurable


4- Main function of production planning and control

(A) Planning, Routing & Scheduling

(B) Dispatching, Follow up & inspection

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


5- Which organization is suitable for large manufacturing concerns and capable of expansion in future?

(A) Line

(B) Functional

(C) Line and staff

(D) None of the above


6- Product decision committee may have on it executives of

(A) Manufacturing and Engineering

(B) Marketing

(C) Finance

(D) All of the above


7- Which of the following is not a process tools for TQM systems?

(A) process flow analysis

(B) histograms

(C) plier

(D) control charts


8- Which of the following analysis mostly used for inventory control

(A) Lead time analysis

(B) PERT analysis

(C) CPM analysis

(D) ABC analysis


9- Which is one the components of planning?

(A) Goals and objective

(B) Policies and Rules

(C) Schedule and Budget

(D) All of the above


10- Which of the following is not a marketing component?

(A) The offer

(B) The Market

(C) Firm

(D) System


11- Social and administrative training is needed for _______ management.

(A) Top

(B) Middle

(C) Lower

(D) All of the above


12- The methods of training by demonstration on the job, vestibule and apprentice ship is for _______.

(A) Workers

(B) Foreman

(C) Supervisor

(D) Executive



1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(C), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(C), 11-(C), 12-(A)