Carpentry shop Interview Questions

Carpentry shop Interview Questions

1-Rings that trees produce each year are ___ .

(A) Annual rings

(B) Cup rings

(C) Cambium layer

(D) Medullary rays


2-Market form of timber which rough squared log:

(A) Log

(B) Posts

(C) Planks

(D) Balk


3-Pivoted window is similar to:

(A) Sliding window

(B) Bay window

(C) Casement window

(D) Corner window


4-Mortise gauge has ___ scribing pins.

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four


5-Wire nails which exceed 130 mm in length are named as:

(A) Clasp nail

(B) Oval wire nail

(C) Spikes

(D) Coach screw


6-The replica or facsimile of model is called:

(A) Casting

(B) Mould

(C) Pattern

(D) Core


7-Which one of the following is not a boring tool?

(A) Bradawl

(B) Gimlet

(C) Auger

(D) C-Clamp


8-Sharpening angle of chisel varies from:

(A) 0° – 10°

(B) 20° – 25°

(C) 30° – 35°

(D) 45° – 90°


9-The end opposite to tang of a file is called:

(A) Face

(B) Edge

(C) Heel

(D) Point


10-Centre most position of a timber cross-section is called:

(A) Medulla

(B) Bark

(C) Sap wood

(D) Hart wood


11-Spoke shave is used for smoothening:

(A) Plane surfaces

(B) Interior surfaces

(C) Curved surfaces

(D) Rough surfaces



1-(C), 2-(D), 3-(C), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(C), 7-(D), 8-(B), 9-(D), 10-(D), 11-(C)