Characteristics of Effective Communication

Characteristics of Effective Communication:

Just sending a message is not enough; it must fulfill the intention and need of the sender. Let us discuss the points which make communication better and effective:

Clear Message: The message must be as clear as possible. The message to be sent by the sender must be simple, encoded directly in language that is easy to understand and systematically structured to retain its meaning.

Reliability: The sender must be in no doubt from his end that anything he is conveying is correct by his knowledge. Even the receiver must have faith on the sender and can depend on the message sent.

Two way channel: Communication consist of two parties, a sender or the transmitter and a receiver. Only sending the message is not important, it is essential to keep channel open for getting receivers opinion and understanding about communication.

Speed of transmission: A good communication system gives importance to the speed of transmission. A good communication system has fewer lines for flow of information so that information can reach well in time and there is no loss of information. Less communication levels help to minimize dilution and distortion of the message.

Proper medium: The medium used for the communication and other physical machinery used must be properly planned, keeping in mind the belief, language, education level, knowledge and position of the receiver.

Mutual understanding: A good communication system should help to create good relation between two parties involved in communication. Transfer of information should take place in pleasant environment. Mutual trust and reliance between sender and receiver should be the goal of effective communication.

Open mind: The parties involved in communication must possess open minds. They should not tend to keep the information with them just to serve their personal interest. They should also be receptive to the incoming new ideas and information that come across. They should not react before receiving full understanding and complete information.  

Effective feedback: Feedback refers to the transfer of information concerning the effect of any communication. Effective communication is always a two-way process. A person must take as well as give feedback to bring forward the other person’s perspective too.